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Whoop - How to Use Sleep Coach

Want to wake up and feel your best? Meet Sleep Coach, now with new haptic wake features, exclusively with 4.0. Sleep Coach recommends bed and wake times based on your daily effort and performance. Follow those recommendations to decide when to call it a night, or when to rise, or use the all-new alarm feature. Set an alarm to wake at an exact time and Sleep Coach will send gentle vibrations to your 4.0 to wake you without waking anyone else. Set an alarm to optimize your sleep health and reach your sleep goal -- Sleep Coach will let you rest til your goal is met. Whether you’re looking to peak, perform or get by, you can always set a latest wake time to avoid oversleeping. Set an alarm to wake up once you’re in the green to optimize your recovery. Once your baseline resting heart rate and HRV indicate you’re fully recovered, Sleep Coach will vibrate to wake you up. Here’s to a good night’s sleep and waking up in the green! For more information, visit


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