NYE Workout Day
Easy workout day. Just relaxing today with the only chore of the day will be buying a Powerball ticket.


EC2021FITAnd just like that we end another year.  2021 was better than 2020 when it comes to workouts.  Ran a bit more, hit the gym a lot more but did less home workouts.   When I first got the bike for home this past year I was good at it up till October.  New promotion at work changed my work day and training schedule.  I was riding the bike for 20 minutes before work then hitting the gym in the afternoon.  That was ideal.  But that all changed in October.  October was my worst month for exercise due to work life and a short trip to Disney.  With all that work change my trips to Orangetheory went to almost none.  I did three in December and one in  November.   I don't want to say I have a goal but I'd like to hit one OTF workout a week but don't know how that will work out.  As for riding the bike more at home, well that is going to remain an issue.  I almost wish I could have it at my work and do a lunch ride but that is not happening.  I'm going to hold myself to one day a week and that will be which ever day I need to be in work earlier.  For example this week I think I need to be in early on Friday so I'll get up and do a quick class before breakfast.  No matter what 2022 brings I'm ready for it even if I'm not going to put out any specific goals...yet.

Oh and here is My Year In Gym Selfies...


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