Wednesday Chest and Arms Meh Workout
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My November In Workouts / Fitness


The new promotion/job is still battling with my Work/Life balance.  Some weeks the only time I got any gym time was on weekends and holidays.  It's going to take a few months to get in a routine.  This morning for example I was up at 4am got to the gym about 4:20am and was done by 5:35am-ish.  Had to run home to shower and grab food and get to work.  Was in about 6:40am.  Ended up eating my breakfast at my desk.  Not ideal but in time will settle down.  Keep telling myself I need to split my gym routine and go before and again after work but don't know if I'll ever get to that.  Eating/Nutrition hasn't been great either.  More junk food, some fast food and lot's of bad snacking.  Some that was stress related to just what I had access to.  For a few weeks DoorDash was my meal planning.    

Going into the final month of 2021 I feel I'm better off then I was one year ago but will continue to struggle to do what makes me happy and keeps me in shape.  Whatever shape that may be.


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