My Whoop band recorded my anxiety attack as a workout.
Still Having Foot Pain But Still Running

Saturday Workout Done and Done

WAHOO, THE WEEKEND!  Time to spend more time at the gym. I like the weekend since I'm not looking at the time and trying to figure out how much more time I got before going home and getting ready for work.  Compound the isolation moves with moderate reps followed by some tread time.  FYI, I am the most unsocial person at the gym.  I stare at the ground if I'm not jamming it out to tunes.  I avoid looking at the person next to me or around me.  It's my time and only my time.  No distractions, no one talking to me, or asking me questions or anything...I'm pretty sure people think I'm stuck up but I enjoy my time in isolation.  Just my music and my workout.  


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