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Wednesday Chest and Arms Meh Workout

Chest and Arms. Not the best workout today. Wanted to get some Tread time in also. I got on the bad tread this morning so my Sprints were more of a Push Pace and not All Outs. The morning walkers had the other treads. Ugh.

Ugh.  Woke up at 4am thinking I'd either snooze for a bit and do a Peloton Ride or wake up and hit the gym.  While turning off my alarm I see multiple miss calls and texts.  Work!  Little issue last night but I was in bed at 8pm.  So I quickly head to the gym knowing I couldn't sleep now.  Once at the gym I was alone for the beginning part of my workout.  Did a chest workout.  Nothing to write home about.  Just a Meh Workout.  I had an alarm set on my watch so that I would do a 2o minute HITT Workout on the Tread before I left.  But all the good treads were taken.  When I go to the gym on workdays I go to a closer facility.  It's small and there is always something broken.  Treads go broken for weeks if not months.  One of the Concept2's has been broken for 6 months at least.  But it's closer to home so for quick workouts I head to it.  But the only tread available was the one with the worn out tread.  So anytime I went about 6.0 I'd almost slide back or trip on the tread.  So my sprints weren't that great.  Enough to get my heart rate up for not full all out.  Oh well a workout is a workout. 



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