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Work, Holidays and My Messed Up Schedule

Normally, in the last year, I skip the gym on Mondays and Tuesdays.  I hit the workouts hard on the weekends and usually start back up on Wednesday.  But this week with my work schedule and Holiday's I worked out this morning as I will use Thursday as my second recovery day.  Also the Holiday weekend have my Friday and Saturday workouts up in the air.  Might only be a home Peloton ride on those days if I do any at all?

As for today it was an early day. Wasn't feeling it from the beginning to the end but I got it in.  Also it was a chance to use my new Whoop 4.0.  Been using the 3.0 for about 15ish months so looking forward to seeing the new details of my workouts.

For my weight training I started a 6 week cycle of exercise routines back in the beginning of December so I'm almost ready to start another cycle of a different program.  Except for this morning I have seen a difference in my body and in the workouts so it's been a great program so far.  One of the workouts is a Power Workout, a second one is a Hypertrophy Workout and the last is an Isolation Workout with all being a full body.  

Most of these workouts finished with HITT on the tread mill.  Most but not all.  I know I shouldn't be doing HITT all the time but I love that need for speed.  I'm going to start my plan for the next cycle which starts on or around Jan 9th.  


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