#iFIT iFIT Italy Weight Loss Walking Workout Series
Start planning! "It takes as much energy to wish as it does to plan." - Eleanor Roosevelt

Back and Bi Day Therapy

Since I can't afford a therapist I go to the gym.  I probably spend too much time at the gym on my days off.  Today was no exception to that.  


20 Minute Warm Up (10 mins elliptical / some stretching)

5 Sets of Hex Bar Deadlifts

3 Sets of High Hang Clean Pulls

5 Sets of Hang Power Clean

5 Sets of Underhand Bent Over Rows

5 Sets of Widegrip Lat Pulldowns

5 Sets of Cable Rows

5 Sets of Drag Bicep Curls

5 Sets of Hammer Curls

5 Sets of 21's

Then 20 HITT on the Tread

This was my 50th consecutive weeks using the Peloton App.  Some of it was cycling and some running.  On my way to a 52 week streak!

Next week for workouts will be Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday in theory.  It'll depend on work.


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