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My December With Peloton

Emotional Damage and My Long Workout

Currently on TikTok there is a meme that people are stitching to their own videos in which a man comically yells "Emotional Damage" and for me that is why I spend so much time at the gym when I can.  Right now it's the only time of the day I have to myself.  I put on my music and just escape.  On most weekdays I don't have much escape time so weekends I try to have as much as I can.  No thinking just gym time and my music.  This up coming week that time is even less with us being so short staffed.  To be honest I don't think I have a day off for the next two weeks or so.  I'm going to try to get in some Peloton quick rides in the morning on days I can't get to the gym.  And some mornings I'll workout, go home to shower and eat breakfast at my desk at work.  

I've been doing a 6 Week Cycle of Full Body Workouts and today I combined two of them together to make a workout for me.  Since I may only get two more workouts in this week I'll continue this series of Full Body Workouts.

Did a 20 Minute Warmup.  While taking in some water my face mask string broke so head to go to my car to get another mask to cover it.

Started the workout with DB Romain Deadlifts for 5 Sets

Incline DB Bench Press 5 Sets

Bent Over DB Rows 5 Sets

Alternating DB Lunges 4 Sets

Seated DB Overhead Press 4 Sets

DB A-Frame Bench Press 4 Sets

EZ Bar Skullcrushes 3 Sets

DB Hammer Curls 3 Sets

Seated DB Front Raises 3 Sets

Seated DB Lateral Raises 3 Sets

Then a 30 Minute Peloton Hill & HITT Tread Run


Hopefully I can get in two more workouts or maybe three this week.  May have to pull a double on Saturday so my next "longer" or "emotional damage" will be on Sunday.


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