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Saturday Hypertrophy Back and Biceps and a HITT block on the tread

4 Hours Later I'm getting around to posting and boy am I sore from the workout.  At least I know it was a good one.  Slept in this morning and  binged some Grand Cinnamon Rolls which makes a 1,200 calorie breakfast.  Oy!  Then gym time.  Being  a chilly day it was packed, ugh.  

The Workout:

4 Sets of Wide Grip Pull UPs

3 Sets of Deadlifts

4 Sets of Underhand Bent Over Rows

5 Sets of WideGrip Lat Pulldowns

5 Sets of Seated Cable Rows

4 Sets of Bicep EZ Bar Drag Curls

4 Sets of Hammer Curls

4 Sets of DB Shoulder Press

OH DANG!  While looking at my app I realized I'm probably sore cuz I did this workout on Thursday!  Doh!  Oh and on Monday!  DOUBLE DOH!  Why do I track workouts and then don't bother looking at them after?

Then a HITT Tread Block at a rather slower pace for my springs.  The plan for tomorrow is a Leg Day and Monday I'm hoping to get in a workout.  With work this week my goal is:

Sunday / Monday / Wednesday and next Sunday with a possible Friday workout maybe?


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