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#TBT The Biggest Loser | Tracy Picks Teams | S8 E05

Back and Bi Day. Just Say No To Cardio.

I had planned on running this morning at the end of my workout.  But as they say "Best laid plans..."  When I got to the gym I found my Ear Pod/Buds, whatever the are called, dead.  Even the case was dead.  Luckily I always have a knock off back up Ear Bud in my backpack.  But 30 minutes into my workout the Left Ear one died.  

The Workout:

10 Minute Warm UP

5 Sets of Wide Grip Pull Ups

5 Sets of Underhand BB Bent Over Rolls

5 Sets of Wide Grip Lat Pulldowns

5 Sets of Seated Cable Rows

5 Sets of Ezbar Bicep Drag Curls

5 Sets of DB Hammer Curls

5 Sets of Ezbar 21's.

Today was a BONUS day!  I wasn't going to the gym as I was suppose to cover a closing shift at my center but got someone to come in.  Tomorrow I will be skipping workout as I have an early morning work event.  I even gotta wear pants!  So no workout on Wednesday.  I will workout on Thursday and skip Friday due to work.  I do need to put in at least one Peloton workout this week to get to my 51 consecutive week stream going.


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