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Flushing The Legs

Exterminate the Legs Workout!

It's Leg Day!  For me I like to do my Leg Day after a full day off from work as I'm on my feet at work for most of my day.  Yeah, I got paperwork and what not but I do move from activity to activity and room to room if not center to center.  So yesterday I did Upper Body and rested in front of the tv all day and night.  Therefor I was "primed" to attack my legs.  Most week day's I don't eat before the gym but on weekends I eat carbs before my workout.  Gotta fuel the machine.

The Workout

Superset One - Front Squats / Barbel Stiff Leg Deadlift - 5 sets 

Superset Two - Bulgarian Split Squats / DB Sumo Squats - 5 Sets

Leg Extensions- 5 Sets

Leg Curls - 5 Sets

30 Minute Beginner HITT Tread

Both yesterday and today I timed my workout so I could stop at Chipotle and grab lunch.  Yesterday was the High Protein Bowl and today was Steak Tacos.  My goal for tomorrow is kick off 52 Weeks of Peloton with an easy low impact ride before work to flush out the legs from today's workout.  As for work tomorrow should be a mostly desk jockey day.  I say that now but I really never know.  But I'll try to let my legs recover.  Gym Days should or possibly be Tue/Wed/Thur and then the weekend.  The 14th will be my 52 birthday but I'm working a long day starting early so I'm gonna try a 15-20 minute Peloton bike class before I head to work.  Calories don't count on my birthday!


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