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Perfect Saturday = Gym + Chipotle! 02/05/22 Workout

Home from the gym and a quick stop at Chipotle for the High Protein Bowl and now I'm watching yesterday's Olympic Opening Show.  This day couldn't get much better unless I was at Disney maybe.  But it's a bit too chilly for Disney so Olympic watching it shall be.  Today's workout was an intense Upper Body Workout with SuperSets.  Tomorrow I'm targeting legs.

The Workout:

20 Minute Warm Up 

Everything was 4 Sets of the following:

Superset One - Bench Press (3 sec pause) / Pendlay Row

Superset Two - DB Overhead Press / Close Grip Lat Pulldown

Superset Three - Incline Press Plate / Seated Rear Delt Flys

Superset Four - Hammer Bicep Curls / Skullcrushers

Then alternated four sets of each exercise with 1 minute rest in between = Bicep Drag Curls / 21's 

Then on to the tread for a Peloton Hills and HITT 30 minute Session.

Sunday will be Leg Day!  Going to rest today and stay off my legs.  Lots of standing and movement this week at work.  My legs need some rest before I wreck them.  I'm on my 51st week doing a Peloton workout.  Hitting week 52 next week and 53 in my birthday week.  I'll be 52 on Valentines Day!  I'm going to do an easy ride before work that morning.  I got a crazy day at work but it's all good!


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