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Attacking The Upper Body Workout

It is so easy to fall off the exercise bandwagon.  Go into work early, leaving work late, allergies, aches and pains, etc.  Realistically for most people working out is not a career and everyday life can easily derail you.  You skip one day and then another and before you know it a month of non-gym going has passed. This week I almost fell off the workout path and wanted to just sleep in.  Yesterday I woke up to a stuffy nose due to allergies and knowing that I had to work a bit later I ended up sleeping in an extra hour and skipping the gym.  This morning I woke up to tight hip flexors which led to some lower back pain.  I so wanted to roll over and skip another day.  But I can't let the day to day stuff derail me.  I got up and hit the gym doing upper body and no cardio (except an easy warmup).

The Workout:

10 Minute Warm Up (should have done more stretching)

5 Sets of the following

Incline BB Bench Press

Superset: DB Chest Flys / DB Skullcrushers

Seated Machine Chest Press

Seated DB Overhead Press

Superset: Tricep Pushdowns / Face Pulls

Superset: DB Front Raise / DB Lat Raise

When I came home I did some trigger point rolling.  I'm going to stretch while at work today when I can and I have a 10 minute Yoga Hip Opening Routine to do tonight.  I'm most likely going to rest tomorrow and hope by the weekend I'm ready to take on some running again.


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