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Back and Bi For The Weekend

Gotta work this afternoon/evening so it was a morning at the gym.  It'll be tough trying to stay awake later at work but I'll caffeine up! Today was Back and Biceps.  I tweaked my workout with some supersets at the end.  That way I could do the bicep workout without too much fatigue.  I don't go super heavy and go for the endurance part of the workout.  Skipped cardio except for the warmup.  This past week my hip flexor has been super tight giving me some discomfort and some lower side back pain.  Need to stretch some more but no running today.  I'm hoping maybe a 20 minute tread run tomorrow.

The Workout

Around 20 minutes warming up.

5 Sets of Assisted Wide Grip Pullups

5 Sets of Underhand BB Bent Over Rows

5 Sets of Wide Grip Pulldowns

5 Sets of Seated Cable Rows

Superset - 5 Sets of DB Reverse Flys and Hammer Curls

Superset - 5 Sets of Ezbar Drag Curls and DB Back Pullovers

Superset - 5 Sets of Exbar 21s and DB Seated OH Press

Tomorrow should be Chest/Tri and Shoulders and a Leg Workout on Monday.  Tuesday I'll be working an event at 7am so no workout for me!  I'm interested in seeing Tuesday morning as I'm working an outdoor "fitness" event and want to see if the "instructors" know what they are doing or not.  Not that I judge as any movement is better than no movement but I will judge.  Not to make fun of it but to see what I think of it for whatever that is worth.

Also this should be the week I get back in the water.  I know I've said this over and over before but I am going to try!


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