Back and Biceps Tuesday
#TBT The Biggest Loser | Coach Mo's Transformation | S8 E05

Chest, Triceps, Shoulders, Tread and Bike Workout

Today is almost like a holiday in that I could sleep in and workout this morning and not be rushed.  In just a little bit I got to put a grown-up suit and tie on and head to a work event to about 9pm.  My body has changed a bit for the good since the last time I wore this suit so I'm hoping it fits.  Since I had the time I did a very long and probably too much of a workout.  Tomorrow may be just the bike and Friday will be recovery.

The Workout:

10 minute warm up (ran into about 20 since I had to stop and take a work phone call)

Superset Workout Day:

DB Incline Bench Press / Tricep Bench Dips

DB Flys / DB Skullcrushers

Tricep Pushdowns (not a superset)

Seated Machine Flys (not a superset)

DB Lateral Raises / DB Front Raises

Then right to a 30 minute HILLS and HITT from Peloton on the Tread (my apple watch disconnected from the app)

Drove home, drank a protein shake, responded to some work texts...

30 Minute Cycle Class on my Peloton Bike+


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