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Sunday Not So Funday Workout

Actually it was sort of fun. 

The Workout:

Warm Up about 20 minutes

Superset - 4 sets of Incline BB Benchpress / Bench Tricep Dips

At this point I felt that more than one person was waiting for the one bench/barbell/squat rack area so I stopped at 4 Sets instead of 5.  Which was okay since I went up a little bit in weight.  I don't lift super heavy and I just wish they had Hammerstrength equipment.  Sidebar - I always say I don't judge others by their workout as I don't know the why behind it but when I moved over a guy who looked in shape and serious came over with bare feet and his own chalk. So I'm like he is serious but it was more like seriously funny.  Once again I say I don't judge but using chalk for shoulder shrugs then laying on a matt on the floor after was comical.  

the rest of the workout...

Superset - 5 Sets of DB Chest Flys / Tricep Skullcrushers

Superset - 5 Sets of DB Front Raises / Lateral Raises

5 Sets of Narrow Grip DB Chest Press

I think that was it.  I had to move around whenever I found empty space so it wasn't my regular workout order.  Then I went to the tread for a Peloton 30 minute Hills and HITT run.

Working out over the next week might be a challenge.  I'm going to try for Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  I think I work open to close for both next Saturday and Monday with Sunday off for the gym.  Ugh.  Legs should be tomorrow but don't hold me on that! I workout these days at Anytime Fitness so small gyms and gotta work around people.  


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