Saturday Full Body + Running + Cycling = Pizza?
iFIT Namibia Walking Series

“You are both a work in progress and a masterpiece.” — Robin Arzon

Since I did have a good night sleep after closing at work last night I felt ready for a gym workout.  Did a Full Body Workout Routine that I use to do but different from the one I did yesterday.

The Workout

Warm UP - 10 minute cardio then stretching

Everything was 5 Sets with getting as close to 16 reps (except the biceps I did 10 reps)

Leg Extension Machine

Glute Kickback Machine

DB Front Raise

Seated Cable Single Arm Row

EZ Bar Skullcrushes

DB Seated Hammer Curl

That was it then home for a great 30 minute Peloton Cycle class with Robin Arzon.  I love her talks during class.  It's all motivation and self love! 128 minutes of exercise and 746 calories burned.  I will be taking or I am taking a Macro Counting break as sometimes it stresses me out.  I'm still going to track everything else but try not to look at the daily numbers but trends in me and my body.  I need a mental health break from myself.


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