Shoe Review: Hoka Mach Supersonic
10x Leg Day Workout

Chest, Triceps and Shoulders Workout 04/10/22

Warmed up with a 1,000 meter row and some stretches.


10 Sets of BB Incline Press

5 Sets of the following-

Incline Bench Palof Press

Incline Bench DB Hammer Chest Press

Superset - Flat Bench DB A-Frame Chest Press / Bench Tricep Dips

Seated Machine Chest Fly

EZ Bar Skullcrushers

Superset - Rope Tricep Pushdown / Facepulls

Seated DB Lateral Raises

Seated DB OH Press

Back Extensions

And that was it.  Enough.  My arms are sore.  I may do a Peloton Cycle class later but for now that is enough.  Tomorrow is recovery with NO workouts.  Tuesday should be a Leg Day but may make it a Full Body with a Leg Focus.  We shall see how I feel at 4am!


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