#TBT Abby's Transformation | The Biggest Loser | S8 E07
Last Day of Covid Isolation! One More Peloton Ride

20 Minutes and Feeling Better

On Monday I wanted to call 911 as I was having issues breathing or lack of breathing.  But after a lot of sleeping and napping and some home made chicken soup I'm feeling better.  Walking the dog isn't killing me anymore and 20 minute class was good.  I will admit I'm not 100% and not ready to go all out.

I'm hoping I can get back to the gym by Saturday or Sunday.  Mask on of course!  But it'll be 5 full days since testing positive for Covid.  I'll listen to my body.  I also have to beat back the voices in my head saying if you go at 4am like you do on weekdays most likely there will be only one or two others at the gym and they'll be far away so with a mask...ugh...no I must self-isolate to at least this weekend.


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