Let's Produce Some Greatness Workout
Top Fitness Stories Of The Week: Nov 21 - 27

1.48% More Today Makes Me Better Than Yesterday Workout

Why 81.48% of my 1RM on Chest Press?  Well 80% is the recommended % to gaining strength from my long history of google searching and I'm trying to push it so I had the 2.5 lbs on each side of the bar giving me that 1.48%.  That 1.48% makes me better today than yesterday.  The 6 reps was all I felt comfortably struggling with having no spotter.  I think I'll stick at this weight to it's more comfortable or reps go up.  Everything else was my "normal"weight factors.  Which for some are better this month than last and for others better this year than last month.  See a pattern which fits with today's motivational quote.

About 18 minutes including racking weighs, warm up and stretching
Incline BB Chest Press
10x EB
6x at 81.48% of 1RM
6x at 81.48% of 1RM
6x at 81.48% of 1RM
6x at 81.48% of 1RM
6x at 81.48% of 1RM
Flat Bench DB Fly 1 2 3 4
Flat Bench DB Skullcrusher 1 2 3 4
Flat Bench DB Chest Press 1 2 3 4
SS - Rope Tricep Pulldown / Facepulls 1 2 3 4
Seated DB OH Press 1 2 3 4
Standing DB Lateral Raise 1 2 3 4

After a 20 Minute HITT Tread.  Now I'm running out of Beginner Level HITT Classes for the Tread so I can either repeat them all or move up to the Intermediate.  Ugh.  That's scary.  Today's run brings me to 3 runs this week or 180 with the Peloton App.  With 5 weeks left of the year if I kept at 3 runs a week I'd fail meeting 200 by NYE.  But I could stack some?  I may keep with the revised goal of 200 Runs by my 53rd Birthday in Feb.

SPOILER ALERT:  I did stop at the Smoothie place for a shake and a Chicken Quesadilla.  That was a waste to 18 bucks but I did save and get a free protein scoop.  I just didn't have anything quick to eat at home except pumpkin pie.  After lunch I hopped on a bike for a Lanebreak Class.

Next Week or This Week?  This Week my goal is a ride tomorrow before an early day at work with gym days on Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and the weekend.  So one of those has to be a Leg Day.  Wednesday will be the best bet for Legs as I'm taking a flex day from work and getting new running sneakers!


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