Hypertrophy Is A Big Boy Word Workout
4...3...2... That Is The Set Countdown For The New Years Workout

And Just Like That 2022 Is One For The Books. One Final Workout!

And just like that it's over.  Another year, another rep, another heal strike and another spin around.  We ran on the treadmill, we spun it out on the bike and hit the weights.  I'm actually proud of my year.  Came along pretty strong emotionally and physically.  Still got a long path ahead of me but there is no looking back.  

One last gym visit making it 20 for the month and who knows how many in the last year.  The gym being the 3rd most visited place by me behind Work and Home.  I went to bed early last night so I could get in a great workout before I hit the work.  Boo!  Nah, work is good.  Today was a Chest, Tri and Shoulder Day.  HIT A PR!  It's only 5lbs more but I hit the PR in the Incline BB Chest Press.  Now I'm not lifting super heavy but someday I'll get there.  Compared to a year ago it's a big jump of weight for me.  So it's been a good path I'm on!  

20 min stretch and warm up cardio
BB Incline Chest Press
10x EB
8x 85.18% of 1RM
8x 85.18% of 1RM
8x 86.18% of 1RM
4x 88.88% of 1RM
4x 92.59% of 1RM
4x 96.29% of 1RM
3x 100% of 1RM
2x *PR
2x *PR
SS - Rope Tricep Pulldown / Facepulls 1 2 3 4
Flat Bench DB Fly 1 2 3 4
Flat Bench DB Skullcrusher 1 2 3
Seated DB OH Press 1 2 3
Standing DB Lateral Raise 1 2 3

After that I hit a 30 minute HITT and HILLS Tread block from the Peloton App.  I went up from Beginner to Intermediate and damn how humbling it was.  I jumped up cuz' I've done all the Beginner HITT and HILLS workouts.  Guess I just gotta go back and repeat them.  During the HILL portion I had to powerwalk instead of jog them.  That's not bad but not great.  I just need to sneak in more running when possible.  Once or Twice a week isn't gonna do much.  Need to be more consistent even if it means less Bike classes.  Speaking of which I topped off 2022 with a 20 minute Lanebreak ride.

Tomorrow should be Back and Biceps and on Monday it should be a Leg Day!  Cheers to 2023!  


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