That Was A No Rep But Good Try Workout
And Just Like That 2022 Is One For The Books. One Final Workout!

Hypertrophy Is A Big Boy Word Workout

Dear Night Time Brain, Go To Sleep!  A little wrench into my morning workout plans since I got to open a center this morning.  Damn Southwest and Winter.  A staff member's flight got cancelled so I was able to get coverage but by someone who had never opened this particular center so I agreed to meet them at 6:30am and help them open up.  But I didn't want to skip my workout so I tried to go to bed early.  I did fall asleep by 8:05pm last night but I woke up at 2:22am to go pee and couldn't get back to sleep.  After an hour of tossing and turning I got up and hit the gym.

5 min warm up
Todays Rep Goal 15
Giant Set: Seated DB Front Raise, Lateral Raise and Rear Delt Flies 1 2 3 4
DB Incline Chest Press 1 2 3 4
SS: DB Skullcrusher & Spider Curls 1 2 3
Cable Single Arm Row 1 2 3 4

I knew I wanted a Full Body Workout so I went searching for these workouts I used to do for Hypertrophy in the app that I use to track my workouts.  I found the workouts but they were no longer on the app to actually do them.  They were ghost workouts.  I did find another workout that was close and was Hypertrophy based.  So I did that.  A ISO workout for strength gains and maxed-out hypertrophy.  I modified the workout so that I could do all the bench work together / back to back.  

By the way 15 reps is killer.  At least for me as I've been training with a goal of 10 but usually fail around 8 in the workouts I've been doing.  It was a challenge.  This style of workout is what I'd like to move to during my week day workouts while I stay with what I'm doing on weekends.  I'll have to create my own workout in the app based on the old workouts I was doing.  Mix it up as they say!  Actually the workouts I am referring to were Full Body Workouts.  Perfect for when I can only get in 2 week day workouts.


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