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Was It Really a PR Or Not? Leg Day Workout

Woke up very groggy and with the idea I could skip working out.  It's cold, It's Monday.  My body knows Monday is a Recovery Day.  Why am I getting up at 3:45am?  If you were to tell me I as doing a PR today I wouldn't have believed you.  Hell I told myself I might only do machines for this leg day.  

10 minutes cardio
BB Back Squat

10x EB
6x 65.7% of 1RM
6x 71.4% of 1RM
6x 74.28% of 1RM
4x 82.85% of 1RM
4x 85.71% of 1RM
4x 88.5% of 1RM
4x 91.42% of 1RM
2x 100% of 1RM
1x PR by 5 lbs*
Leg Extension Machine 1 2 3 4 5
Standing Glute Kickback Machine 1 2 3

The asterik * is because my form was shitty and yes it's a 1RM meaning One Rep Max and I did it once.  But I like to do at least two sets of a 1RM to make sure it wasn't a fluke.  But my body told me to stop.  When I stand normally I hyper extend at my knees.  Which is why if I stand a lot the next few days I have some knee pain.  Because of that when I lift and come to squeeze my glutes a the top of the lift my knees hyperextend.  So by the new PR of 1RM my knees told me no more.  Don't need to get hurt.  

Once home I did a 20 minute 80's Ride and a 10 minute EDM Climb Ride.  Nothing too crazy.  Before I left the gym I had to snap a photo of the Gingerbread Man Running Club Chalkboard Art.  Now breakfast and work.  Tomorrow will be Back and Biceps and Wednesday Chest, Tri and Shoulders.  After that I might get in some Peloton Rides at the very least.  

As for Random Acts of Fitness I did High-5 on the Peloton.


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