And Just Like That 2022 Is One For The Books. One Final Workout!
New Year New Challenge Badge and Why Virtual Challenge's Sabotage One's Mental Health

4...3...2... That Is The Set Countdown For The New Years Workout

There can only be one so make it count!  That first workout of 2022!  Mine was a killer back and bicep day.  Pretty much here is how I feel going into 2022 courtesy of the Black Eye Peas...

I was down now I rise upHead up and my eyes upI keep getting wiserThen I realize that everything will be
Oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-ohKay, ayy-ayy, ayy-ayy, okayThis is how we do it, baby, this is what we sayEso es lo que tú y yo vamo' a hace'

2022 was a great year and so much of my life has changed so much for the better but I know it was just the warm up for 2023. Today it was Back and Bicep Day.  Now first let's back up to an early to bed night after work.  I wanted to get up and be dressed to hit Target at 8am when the opened.  The Kodiak Waffles are on sale 2 for $10 when they are like 6-7 bucks each normally.  I checked the Target app and my local store only had 9 of the two flavors I get so I came home with 10 boxes of them.  Sorry folks who shop at my local store.  I may go back and buy more later this week.  After that it was home and a quick change before hitting the gym.

15 Minute Cardio and Stretch
Asst Widegrip Pull Up 1 2 3 4
Curlbar Preacher Curl 1 2 3 4
BB Bentover Underhand Grip Row 1 2 3 4
Seated Cable Row 1 2 3 4
Cable Hammer Curl 1 2 3 4
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 1 2 3 4
Ezbar Upright Row 1 2 3 4
Ezbar Drag Curl 1 2 3 4

I skipped cardio as even though I did eat something before shopping my body fuel level was low.  So home and a quick lunch.  Tomorrow will be a Leg Day so I'll save my cardio for tomorrow.  The gym was busy at first for a Sunday but everyone seemed to leave at once.  Since the place wasn't staffed no new members today!  Tomorrow morning may be a different story.  I'll just be ready to hit the legs any way I can.  

My 17 Cents: Gym go'ers shouldn't hate the NY Resolution crowd.  They keep the gyms open as they may quit going but keep paying.  They keep the lights on!  One of the thing I hated about working at a gym was when we would call people who haven't been in a short time but not a long time because they didn't want us to remind them that they are still paying.  I love the gym biz but sometimes it's biz dealings are pretty shitty.


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