Do You Really Want To Wear Pants After A Leg Day Workout?
The Early Bird Gets All The Benches At The Gym Workout

Buy One, Buy Two Get Nothing Workout Sale

Originally I was going to call this post "Ludacris Move Bitch Workout" for that one guy who camps out between the dumbbell rack and a bench.  This one guy grabs a mat and on this knees does a series of exercises while he is between the dumbbell rack and bench/seat.  So no one can get weights or put any back.  Well not no one as I have no problem standing over his and putting the weights back.   Sometimes I exude the thing I hate must "Male Toxic Masculinity BS" of course in between me prancing around to my music.  I will admit I wad debating on telling him to move or go to the front office and tell the manager to tell the guy to move.  It just is so annoying.  Anyways...

My Workout:

20 min warm up
Incline BB Chest Press
10x EB
8x 67.85% of 1RM
6x 82.14% of 1RM
5x 82.14% of 1RM
6x 82.14% of 1RM
5x 82.14% of 1RM
3x 82.14% of 1RM
Flat Bench DB Fly 1 2 3 4
Flat Bench DB Skullcrusher 1 2 3 4
Flat Bench DB Close Grip w/ Rotation 1 2 3 4
SS - Rope Tricep Pulldown / Rope Facepulls 1 2 3 4
Seated DB OH Press 1 2 3 4
Standing DB Lateral Raise 1 2 3 4

Just my regular Chest, Triceps and Biceps.  Right now I buy a gym membership via a third party that is linked with my Blue Cross 365.  I pay like $30 a month and it gets me in to a few different gyms.  I have a Planet Fitness membership that I haven't gone to in two years and I have a Anytime Fitness which I do use.  I get both for the $30 a month so it's a good deal.  Basically the gym makes money per my gym visit like Silver Sneakers.  It's great as Anytime Fitness is 24/7 so I can go anytime.  But it lacks a locker room and classes.  Another gym nearby that isn't with my insurance gym membership does offer Classes (not Les Mills but Mossa) including "Spin" and they have an Orangetheory KnockOff class.  This gym has two locations one of which is 7 minutes from one of my work centers.  So I could go before work, shower and change and go to work.  That would end my 3:45am wake up and make my new wake up time around 5am!  With my work I get this membership for not the regular $100 a month but for $45 a month.  That's a great deal but the hours are not so great.  Monday thru Friday they are open 5:30am to 8pm.  Not bad.  Saturday 6am  to 6pm but Sunday 8am to 6pm which isn't bad but not great.  So I could pay $45 and be done with it right but no I want to keep my other gym membership going in case I need an early morning workout at some point.  So should I pay $75 for gym memberships on top of my monthly Peloton subscription?  Hmmm...I gotta think this over.  Yeah, I just got a pay raise but do I want to spend it at the gym?  Who am I kidding the gym is my life almost.  I think me typing this out made up my mind.  See Joel it's okay to be crazy!

Oh and I did a 30 minute Pop Ride and 5 minute cool down at home after the gym.


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