Been Too Quiet, I'mma Get Loud and Trust The Process Leg Day Workout
Back At It Again. At Least For Today. Back and Bicep Workout.

Can't Skip My Morning Workout - Chest, Triceps and Shoulder Day!

Chest Day!  I so wanted to skip this morning.  When I got out of my bed this morning I so wanted to go back to bed.  But I know I may not work out again to Friday or Sunday!!!  Tonight I may have to cover an event so I'll work late which means my 7:30pm bedtime will be missed.  Hopefully my coworker will feel better and do their own event. If so and I get to bed early I'll do a Back and Bicep Day.  Thursday I gotta open a facility and Saturday I'm opening one and closing another.  So workouts this week can't be missed when I don't have a good excuse.

5 min warm up cardio
BB Incline Chest Press
10x EB
8x at 82.14% of 1RM
8x at 82.14% of 1RM
6x at 82.14% of 1RM
6x at 82.14% of 1RM
4x at 82.14% of 1RM
Flat Bench DB Fly 1 2 3
Flat Bench DB Skullcrusher 1 2 3
Seated DB OH Press 1 2 3
Seated Machine Pec Fly 1 2 3
SS - Rope Tricep Pulldown / Facepulls 1 2 3

Then quickly home for a 10 minute Lane Break Class.  Every time I take a Lanebreak Class I'm heart broken by the count of people who have taken that class.  Some of the Lanebreaks have less than 100 rides done with them.  I get it most people pay Peloton for the Instructors and motivation but sometimes just riding to the music is what one needs.  


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