4...3...2... That Is The Set Countdown For The New Years Workout
The Beginning Of A Four Day Work Week and New Horizons Workout

New Year New Challenge Badge and Why Virtual Challenge's Sabotage One's Mental Health

Two Days Down 363 To Go!  Well it's the second day of the New Year and I've already f'ed myself out of one of the Peloton Challenges.  So should I not exercise to 2024?  Or wait to the next challenge next month?  None of the above.  I'm going to grind when ever I can and for as hard as I can that day and not worry about some New Year Challenge / Resolution / 31 Day Challenge bullshit.  The cute little badges are so much fun to earn but they are so detrimental to our own mental health.  

I've come so far in the last year in my physical and mental health and part of that came from counting everything.  Previously over the years I've tracked my yards swum, my miles run, my weight, my macros, my sleep but it got to me.  I was stressed out from counting and entering everything into apps.  I seriously had a spreadsheet that I entered every single day.  I did that for years and really not much changed it wasn't to I stopped counting everything and just lived.  I can somewhat judge my sleep and still do use my Oura Ring but by now I can tell when I'm tired and when I need to take a break.  As for food macros I can guess the days when I'm eating like crap and not drinking enough water.  It's not that intuitive diet shit it's just me knowing me.  

The only thing of worth in counting is my progressive overload training.  Knowing that if I want to get stronger I should be lifting at 80% my 1RM.  A couple of years ago I had no idea what my 1RM.  Now for a few movements in my workouts that is how I know I'm progressing.  Also I'm posting my workouts and progressions but walking away from them after.  Meaning I'm not spending my free time worrying about my Back Squat.  My posting is to hold myself accountable.  And it helps me vent.  I need to vent.  We all need to vent. 

Speaking of which, todays workout:

16 minutes cardio and stretch
BB Back Squat
10x EB
8x at 63.88% of 1RM
8x at 63.88% of 1RM
8x at 75% of 1RM
6x at 80.55% of 1RM
5x at 80.55% of 1RM
3x at 80.55% of 1RM
Plate Loaded Bulgarian Split Squat 1 2 3 4 5
Leg Extensions Machine 1 2 3 4 5

I then did a 20 minute HITT Tread block.  Ran an errand. And home for two Peloton Rides.  I over did it on the bike but I was in the zone and the music.  I can relax all day and maybe take a recovery day tomorrow.  I can say now I won't take tomorrow as a rest day.  I know I'm going to have some restless energy and will need to work it off.  

The whole point of my post today is not to give up.  I'm not going to give up just cuz' I didn't do a Peloton class yesterday for the 31 Day Challenge.  I did one today.  I moved today.  I'll move again another day and the sum of all these days I move will be greater then the days I don't move.  And isn't that what it's all about?


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