Everyone's 2023 New Years Resolutions Declared Dead 4AM, Tuesday, January 24th
Catching Up With My 2000’s Self And Other Musings From My Workout #iamicaniwillido

Stronger Than Yesterday Well Maybe Than Last Week. My Biceps Ain't Killing Me No More So I Increased My Weight.

Grrrr....I lost my post.  It was sort of funny or maybe it wasn't.  So here is today's workout post the second time and maybe not as funny or interesting:

Back And Bicep Day.  Sleep wasn't great.  Grrr... Woke up to pee and couldn't get back to sleep but refused to get up and hit the gym earlier.  Enough is enough.  Once up and at the gym it was a slow start.  My warm up and pull ups are sleep walking at best.  I was ready to hit in time for Preacher Curls.  In my Back and Bi Day's I've increased pretty much every movement between Sunday's and Today's workout.  On Sunday I went up on Wide Grip Pulldown but today went back to my old weight.  But as for the Cable Hammer Curl and Cable Row I did my new increased weight.  I added weight in the Preacher Curl and BB Row.  It was a struggle and I didn't make it to 8 for all the reps.  I'll be staying at the new weights for some time.  It usually takes me a long period before I'm ready to get to the next level

6 min cardio warm up
Asst Wide Grip Pull-up 1 2 3 4
Curlbar Preacher Curl 1 2 3 4 5 (increased weight for last three sets so reps went down)
BB Bent Over Under Hand Grip Row 1 2 3 4 (increased weight)
Wide Grip Lat Pulldown 1 2 3 4
Cable Hammer Curl 1 2 3 4
Seated Cable Row 1 2 3
AirPod died so workout was over and it was time anyways. Actually the one that stopped came back for no reason?!?

Came home for a 15 min Low Impact Bike+ Ride.  Since I'm trying to gain a bit of strength via muscle my cardio is going to be Low Impact Steady State.  Maybe my runs when and if I do them will be more HITT.  Speaking of HITT I was asked to sub again at the OTF nearby.  Well 35 minutes away nearby.  Right now is not a great time for me to do that with my new promotion.  Plus last time I did sub I never got to take any classes for myself so I gotta decide if it's worth it for me.  I love Coaching and Fitness but right now I'm focusing on me and my "day" job.  Maybe on the weekend I can take one class and then teach that last two of the day.  That way I get the best of both worlds?



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