If I Haven't Started To Work Out Is It Too Early To Start A Taper? Chest Day and Maybe A Swim Day?
Yesterday I Was Boring, Today I Was Boring, Tomorrow I'll Be Boring But I Will Be Changing Myself Bit By Bit and Other Musings From Today's Back Workout

2 Swims Down 7 More To I Drown Quick Post Work Swim Workout

Two swim workouts in a year.  It's a new record.  Mind you today's swim was super short.  So my plan is that on Tuesday and Thursday after work I'll just get in 30 minutes with a longer swim on the weekend.  I only got about 7 swims or three weeks to the event and it is only one 100 yard swim.  

Warm Up

2x 50's Free on 1:10

2x50's Kick on 2:30

I will have to change future intervals.  I had way too much rest. 

Main Set:

2x 25's Free on 30

4x 25's Fly on 60

2x 25's Free on 30

4x 25's Fly on 60

2x 25's Free on 30

Cool Down

2x 50's Free on 1:10

650 yards in 25 minutes.  I'm using MySwimPro for my workouts.  This was the Beginner Butterfly Sprint Workout.  My Thursday workout will be about 1,000 yards in 30 minutes with a pattern sort of like today's.  It's all good.  Small Steps.


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