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Breaking News: Swimmer Indicted With 1,000 Yards Of Butterfly Swim Workout

Don't blame me I didn't sleep with a porn star, well not that porn star.  After work I hit the pool for a quick swim.  Swim workout number three this week and three for the last six years!

 Another workout from MrSwimPro.  I think it was Maximize Speed or something.

The Workout

4x 50's Free Warm Up on 1:10

4x 25's Fly Drill on 40


4x 25's Fly Swim on 40


4x 25's Fly Swim on 40


4x 25's Fly Swim on 45


4x 50's Free Pull on 1:05


4x 25's Fly on 45

1x 100 Cool down.

Just 1,000 yards.  After getting up at 3:30am and getting to the gym at 4am.  On the Peloton at 5:30am.  And working to 5pm I'm beat.  Long Day.  Tomorrow is a recovery day!  Phew!  But I can't complain.  I signed up for this.  I made this deal with me.  How about some motivation.

Look at that!  A swimmer in the 95-99 Age Group.  He is signed up for two events.  I hope I'm dead by 55 but good for him!  


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