It Isn't How Much I Lift or How Fast I Run Just As Long As I Keep Moving Forward And Other Tales of Random Act of Fitness Leg Day Workout
Defeating Chernabog & Other Demons At The Gym Via Chest Day Workout & Other Random Acts of Fitness Musings

Sleep + Recovery = Weekend Warrior

It's Friday!  TGI Recovery Day!  I still treated last night as if I was waking up early for the gym.  In fact I went to bed without adjusting my alarm so it did go off at 3:30am.  Ugh!  I did get some nap time after that.

Today will be a relatively easy day at work compared with yesterday.  I was debating on going in to work early as it seems I'm always running from a Tsunami of paper work.  Mostly Activity Counts database entry.  

Tonight I'll try to get to bed early-ish.  At least by 8pm.  Tomorrow I'd like to get to the gym by 6am.  I do have a Disney Animal Kingdom day planned tomorrow but that could change.  For workouts today is sort of the big reset.  In that Friday's will be my recovery day and Sat/Sun the hard workout days.  The big debate is will Monday be a Recovery Day or Leg Day.  Sunday nights are usually the worst night for sleeping at least for me.  

In between all my gym visits I do need to get in a swimming pool.  Yesterday and today I'm working on the Senior Games entries and woah I did see my name for the 100 fly.  It wasn't a shock since I entered but we had a few more entries in the even then I expected.  Now I got to at least perform well.  I did sneak a peak of the other competitors and looked up their past swims to get an idea of how hard I need to train.  So I gotta get to a pool at some point in the next five weeks.


Random Acts of Fitness: Today at work one of my centers host a cycling group so around 90+ cyclist start and finish at the center using restrooms and getting water.  Both centers host a bunch of Resident Volunteer Groups of exercise such as Walk Away The Pound, Bone Builders and more.  

Some up and coming Random Acts of Fitness:  On Wednesday, April 5th I'm leading a 2 mile walk for National Walking Day.  After that on the same day a Table Tennis Event.  We got the 5k in April which I usually MC and rock that mic.  And Sr Games Swimming.  Lot's of putting movement forward in April.


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