2 Swims Down 7 More To I Drown Quick Post Work Swim Workout
Deadlifts, Hack Squats and Bulgarian Split Squats Oh My! Leg Day Workout

Yesterday I Was Boring, Today I Was Boring, Tomorrow I'll Be Boring But I Will Be Changing Myself Bit By Bit and Other Musings From Today's Back Workout

If you are bored with your workouts then you are boring.  Working out is all about repeating basic movements with progressive overload.  Done.  That's it.  

As The Shredded Sloth states you can change it up a little bit.  Find something you like and stick with it.  I've been pretty much doing the same workouts for some time now and it was only until I was consistent did I start to see change in my body comp. That boring workout over and over but for me because I am seeing the SLOW change over time it's not boring it's motivating.  Because I track my workouts using apps I can see my reps and my weights change over time.  A slow timeframe but still getting stronger.  

This all came to mind during my workouts this week.  I've been going to a new gym now for about a month.  The gym itself has been open a month.  And in the last week I began to notice the people who I saw every morning between 4am and 5am have changed.  I can only assume that these people didn't have a routine, didn't see the results and gave up.  

One can't give up.  One can't expect gains after 30 days or 60 days.  It's not about those short term gains as much as it is about long term health.  I have two friends around my age who are battling health issues due to being over weight.  Maybe not directly but most likely.  This long term chase for good health is my Why.  I can't add years to my life but I can add quality to those years.  

To put it simply...

Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.

5 min warm up walking
Asst Wide Grip Pull Up 1 2 3 4
Seated Curlbar Preacher Curl 1 2 3 4
Seated Cable Row 1 2 3 4 5
Standing Cable Hammer Curl 1 2 3 4
Cable Lat Pulldown 1 2 3 4 5

Then it was home for just a 10 minute warm up ride on the Bike+.  I swam last night so don't need to much cardio.  The next few weeks I do have a short term goal of getting ready for the Senior Games.  It's only one event but I wanna see what I can do.  I'm the only person in my age group so I'm winning gold.  But it's not about the bling.  Its about building my conditioning so I can have more quality years.  And with those quality years maybe I can inspire others to achieve the same thing.  I know I can't change the world but when I change myself I can inspire others.  

That is my Random Act of Fitness.  Change Myself So I Can Inspire Others!


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