Skipping The Peloton With A Good Reason Plus Another Good Old Back and Bicep Workout
Monday is Slay Day for Leg Day and 478 Random Acts of Fitness

Youngblood Is That Like Tigerblood Or Like A Shark Seeing My Blood In The Water Swim Workout?

I skipped the Peloton for a Swim!  Yup Back In The Pool!  

Oh My Gawd!  Day One Of Swimming Sucked!  But I got to add a new Category to my Blog Posts!  Introducing Swim Training 2023.  I did try a few times to swim again like back in 2021.  But I really haven't been swimming since 2012-2023 and even then that wasn't much.  But I'm back for at least the next four weeks.  

At first I could feel how stiff my body was and my lack of technique was killing me.  It actually got easier as I got going but my flexibility is just not the same.  I so noticed in butterfly as I couldn't sweep my arms like I use to for entry into the water.  I'm so wide with my hand entry.  But maybe a few swims will change that.

Warm Up

300 Free

6x 50's Kick on 2:20 (they must have known I hate kicking)

4x 25's Drill on 45


4x 50's Stroke on 1:35 I did mixers Fly/Back, Back, Fly/Back and Fly/Back

4x 50's Fly on 2:00 OUCH!  I did them all on about 37 secs

Main Set:

4x 100's on 2:10 1:34, 1:33, 1:28 and 1:25

6 x50's on 1:30 Descend.  My times 40, 39, 36, 25, 37 and 38

4x 50's Cool Down on 1:10

Dead Set:

Oh don't mine me and my body.

Spotify knows me so well that it added Hillary Duff's song for the movie Jem and the Holograms with Youngblood:

Who's got the eye of the tiger?
If you a fighter
If you got soul
Who wants to walk on the wire?
Dance in the fire
Never get old

So cheesy. But Never Get Old.  53 and starting to get in shape for the Senior Games which are just 4 weeks away.  I used the MySwimPro app and will use it to track the workouts.  At least for now.  


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