Breaking News: Swimmer Indicted With 1,000 Yards Of Butterfly Swim Workout
Boring Is Good. Keeping It Boring Week By Week With My Back and Bicep Workout

A Bench Press PR For A Saturday & Some April Fools Foolishness Workout Day

I'm proud to announce s new partnership at the gym with Pepsi Cola. Starting today we've swapped our free weights with all new Pepsi Light Weights. This allows our Members and Guests to enjoy the refreshing taste of Pepsi Light while they work out. Empty Pepsi Light Weights will include free refills from our Fitness Floor Staff.

April Fools!


10 mins walking inclines
BB Flat Bench Press
10x EB
6x at 85.71% of 1RM
6 x at 85.71% of 1RM
5x at 89.28% of 1RM
5x at 92.85% of 1RM
4x at 96.42% of 1RM
3x a new PR!
2x  just to make sure it wasn’t a fluke!
Flat Bench DB Fly 1 2 3
Flat Bench DB Skullcrusher 1 2 3
Flat Bench DB Close Grip Press 1 2 3
Seated DB OH Press 1 2 3
Standing DB Lateral Raise 1 2 3
That PR is no joke!  Didn't know how today's workout was going to be.  After a tough week I submitted to one too many White Claws.  I wasn't myself this morning.  But I got a PR so it couldn't be too bad.  

Once home I jumped on the Bike+ for a 20 minute Tabatta Ride and a Cool Down Ride.  The rest of the day is a nothing day.  I'm going into work to help out for about 45 minutes.  I'm going to setup for an event tonight.  Then that is it.  Watch some tv and early to bed.  

Gym this week will be Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Thurs and Fri. Early work mornings for Wed and Sat. Wednesday May have a Walking Event and Saturday is the 5k.  I'm not running the 5k just setting up and MC'ing it.  In two weeks in the RunDisney 10k.  Two nights and Three days of a Staycation, Then four days after that I swim the 100 butterfly at the Senior Games.  I'm looking forward to my Staycation even waking up at 2am to get on a bus to the starting line.  


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