Finding Balance In The Force With HITT Training and Low Impact Cardio Training. Oh And Some Back and Biceps At The Gym
And After The Fourth Day It Was Back To Work But Before That A Chest Day At The Gym

Trying To Stay On My Work Day Sleep Schedule Leg Day Workout & More Random Acts of Fitness

Day Four of a Four Day Weekend.  Although I do have the day off I tried to stick to my regular sleep pattern.  So I went to bed early and set my alarm for 3:30 am.  Best Laid Plans, I tossed and turned as it took a while for me to fall asleep.  It took me about 90 minutes to fall asleep.  Once the alarm went off I hit snooze.  The second time it went off I got up.  I always lay out my gym clothes out the night before.  Don't need to be thinking at 3:30 am.  Then I was off to the gym.

When I pulled up a little past 4am I was excited to see the gym empty!  Wahoo!  Maybe I'll take that shiftless gym selfie this morning.  I have been feeling good about my appearance of late. Even with my low self esteem.  But while warming up on the treadmill another gym goer came.  It was just us for the hour.

5 min Incline Walking
Cyber Machine Leg Curl 1 2 3
BB Back Squat
10 x EB (Rogue Bar 55lbs)
08 x 105 at 58.33% of 1RM
08 x 125 at 69.44% of 1RM
06 x 145 at 80.55% of 1RM
06 x 145 at 80.55% of 1RM
05 x 145 at 80.55% of 1RM
05 x 155 at 86.11% of 1RM
04 x 155 at 86.11% of 1RM
03 x 160 at 88.88% of 1RM
03 x 160 at 88.88% of 1RM
02 x 160 at 88.88% of 1RM
Leg Extension 1 2 3

I'm somewhat happy with today's workout.  I wore my older pair of NoBulls this morning and got to admit felt unstable on some of the squats.  Can't complain too much as I did pretty good at 80% of my 1RM.  After all that it was time to go home and eat.  Skipped cardio today as I made Cinnamon Rolls.  Yummy!  Today I will relax some more.  

Tuesday - Chest, Shoulders and Triceps

Wednesday - Back and Biceps

Thursday - Recovery

While backing my breakfast I quickly looked over the local paper.  The Local section had it's regular Monday feature of Hometown Business this time with a focus of the local gyms in the area.  Keeping this for work as people come in asking about all the local gyms.  Lots of folks think each one of our recreation centers have a small gym which we don't.  So this is my Random Act of Fitness for the day.  I know it's a stretch but my centers both offer Walk Away The Pounds today plus all the pickleball.  Keeping folks moving is the goal.  Keep On Moving Through Life and Sport!


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