17 Exercise Machine Locations and Counting for this Random Acts of Fitness Chest Day Workout

Yet Another PR In My Hack Squat Which Isn't Bad For A Monday Workout

The Weekend should be a time to rest up but it was a Disney Weekend.  Saturday got up and did a workout at 4am before driving to Disney for the day.  Ate Mickey Waffle's for breakfast as I got to the AllStar Resorts early.  Spent the morning/afternoon at Animal Kingdom and the evening at Magic Kingdom.  Didn't get much sleep so after I got home Sunday afternoon I took a quick short nap.  Went to bed sort of early on Sunday and it was up early this morning for the gym  I did hit snooze but got out of bed before the snooze alarm kicked in.


5 mins walking

Leg Curl 1 2 3
Hack Squat
10 x 90 lbs at 26.47% of 1RM
10 x 90 lbs at 26.47% of 1RM
10 x 180 lbs at 52.94% of 1RM
10 x 180 lbs at 52.94% of 1RM
10 x 270 lbs at 79.41% of 1RM
10 x 270 lbs at 79.41% of 1RM
10 x 360 lbs
9 x 360 lbs
6 x 400 lbs
6 x 400 lbs
and that was that.  Was going to do the Leg Curl machine but one of the three other people at the gym was doing a superset with Leg Curl and Leg Extension Machines.

So I PR'ed by 50 pounds.  A week ago I hit a PR of 350.  My goal is to increased my BB Back Squat.  So out of my 2 gym days a week I'm doing Hack Squats on one and BB Back Squat on the other.  Today I hit 400 lbs for two sets of six reps.  So def not my 1RM but I'll use it as my target on Hack Squat Days.  For workouts 80% of 400 is 320 so that will be my target of sets with 8-10 reps.  
Once home it was time for a 15 minute Low Impact Peloton Ride.  First ride in a week so I really got to get on the bike in the morning.  Grrr...I need that steady state low impact workouts.  
Working out this week is an unknown.  I just don't know if I have a employee coming back to work or not from a medical leave.  So I could be opening Thursday and Saturday then closing on Sunday.  There is a chance I might be doing 7 days a week for a few weeks.  Tuesday will be Chest and Wednesday will be Back and Biceps.  Rest of Thursday.  Legs on Friday.  I think I can keep on schedule but if I work Sunday night I won't workout on Monday.  

Random Acts of Fitness - Have three fitness classes going on at my centers.  Maybe more but three at least.  I know International Yoga Day is coming and we are doing a big outdoor Yoga event to celebrate. I'm not involved with it but still work is putting the event on so I'm counting it.  


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