Swimming Just A Bit Again
Step By Step Ohh Progressive Overload, Gonna Get To Those Random Acts Of Fitness

Monday Morning Gym Leg Strut and Other Random Acts of Fitness

TGI MONDAY!  Wait what?  Monday's get a bad rap.  It's a new week, new beginnings and well yeah more new work.  Plus a Monday if I do hit the gym it's Leg Day and everyone loves LEG DAY!


5 mins Tread Walking
10 x EB
6 x 125 lbs
6 x 125 lbs
6 x 125 lbs
5 x 125 lbs
6 x 125 lbs
6 PVC Pipe Good Mornings
Reverse Hack Squat
8 x 180 lbs
8 x 180 lbs
8 x 200 lbs
8 x 200 lbs
7 x 200 lbs
Straight Leg Deadlift - PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD!  Last week I only did the last few sets at 125 lbs and today I did all five sets.  
Reverse Hack Squats - Built up to 200.  I haven't yet mastered figuring out how to set the machine down when done with reverse hack squats.  if the weight is higher I can lift it up so I gotta squeeze into the center and hit the kick stand.  But it was PROGRESSIVE OVERLOAD!
A nice flush out of the legs with a 10 minute Low Impact Peloton Ride.  I need to practice the choreography for the Ride class this week so I'll be on the bike pretty much two to three more times.   I'll be teaching again this Saturday and I need to be filmed for my assessment by the 10th of October so I gotta nail it.  Also I offered to take the 9:30am class permanently.  Oy!  
MON - Leg Day / Maybe a swim after work
TUES - Chest, Shoulders and Triceps / Thunderstorms predicted after work so trying to swim on Monday
WED - Back and Biceps
THU - Leg Day 2 / Try to swim after work
SAT - Chest Day / Teach Ride Class / maybe Disney?
SUN - Back and Biceps and swim at 10am at NTC
In the 10 minute Peloton class I gave out 5 High-5's.  At my centers we have three Walk Away The Pounds classes, a Yoga class, some line dancing and of course pickleball.


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