The Biggest Loser Recap - May 4th Makeovers & Jacob's Ladder

After swimming tonight I went on a little hike thinking that my TWC DVR would record the beginning of The Biggest Loser.  When I got home at 8:40 the first thing I did was turn the tv on.  I was crushed to find out I missed the first 40 minutes that didn't record, the MAKEOVER MINUTES!  When I got the DVR back recording I was a bit confused at first wondering who was who.  Damn.  Since I can't recap that part of the episode here is a link at that talked to Jonathan Antin who did The Biggest Loser Makeovers.  Jonathan Antin…hmm…maybe missing the makeovers was a blessing.  I was able to catch about 30 seconds of Ashanti singing to The Biggest Loser contestants all made over.  Really Wanted talks to Ashanti about singing on BL9.

I joined the show right before the start of this week's challenge.  Jacob's Ladder.  Not only Jacob's Ladder on it's own the machines were lifted 10 feet over a pool.  You stop on these machines and bam right into the pool.  Before I started I was prepared to  13991thA  laugh.  I know it's mean but watching people fall into water can be funny!  Actually each time someone did fall I yelled "Ohhh...that hurt".  

Ashley was the first to fall.  Which didn't surprise me as minutes before she called the challenge "Jacob's Ladder to HELL!"  I also feel that she always gives up at the challenges and the last chance workouts.  I so keep thinking every week she will be sent home.  By being the first person to fall in she received a 1 pound disadvantage.  At the end it was Koli vs Daris.  After 2 hours Daris just gave up and Koli won the challenge and a 1 pound advantage.  While the  Jladder_unit  challenge was playing everyone on twitter was talking about how they wanted a Jacobs Ladder (pictured in this post.)  One twitter person found a machine online for $3,399.  I no longer want one at that price.  I need to check my local 24 Hour Fitness and see if they have any to use.

Then it was time for The Last Chance Workout.  Bob pulled Daris aside to give him a pep talk.  Bob pointed out a sign in the gym that was a quote from Bob "Stand Up and finish what you started".  Gotta love that quote. ALso I got to say that I don't like Daris' new hair doo.  He looks like a mushroom head! Ashley was having issues with the treadmill.  Good god how has she stayed on so long this season?  

The weigh in.  Koli got on the scale first and kicked some ass.  Then Sam who only lost 2 pounds.  But hey he looks HOT!  Next up was Ashley who lost 10 pounds.  DOH!  So wanted her to watch her say good bye.  Everyone had a great week.  The two below the yellow line turned out to be Sam and Michael.  Of course it being a game and everyone is jockeying to win so Sam was sent home.  I was upset until I watched the video of Sam being home.  Not just home but home with former The Biggest Loser contestant Stephanie.  Awe!  As Sam said "I come home to my at-home prize every day."

Another great week in season 9 of The Biggest Loser!

The Biggest Loser - Weekly Recap #BL9 Sorta The Bob Edition

Season 9 is almost over.  I don't know about you but every season I start out thinking that I don't really have a favorite.  Then out of no where someone gets sent home and I realized how much I miss them.  This season has been one of the rockiest seasons in some time.  I gotta admit after the second episode I was almost bored with everyone but that didn't last.  Soon I had my favorites and those I wanted to be sent home. Anyways here is some The Biggest Loser news...

1.  Win Bob Harpers ticket to The Biggest Loser FINAL!  Bob is giving away a trip for  Bob-blog-entry  two to Los Angeles AND two of his personal tickets to the live Biggest Loser finale!  Go to for more info!

2.  As you know 24 Hour Fitness is key to The Biggest Loser so for a limited time you can "Get Your Free 14 Day Pass" to 24 Hour Fitness.  Click this LINK for more info and to sign up! 

3.  Want to look like one of The Biggest Losers?  The Huffington Post reports that "'Biggest Loser' Clothing Collection To Hit Stores In September".  According to the article "The 27-piece collection includes compression tops, shirts, shorts, pants and jackets in brightly colored performance fabrics. Jackets are cut longer to cover bottoms and waistbands on shorts are cut higher to hold in the stomach. There are plentiful zippers and pockets for iPods and keys.  Sized from S to 5XL, pieces will cost between $39 and $59. The garments should be ready for September, when the new season airs."  All I can say is I am ordering the full line all in PINK!

4.  Check out the Today Show website for last weeks recap.  And check out today's Today show for O'Neal.  He will be on!  It's early enough for you to set your dvr's!  QUICK!

Bob-karl  5.  Awe!  Bob has a new love in his life.  Meet his new dog Carl! foto from

6.  Never heard of this site till now but BuddyTV has a recap with a slideshow from last week.  I miss O'Neal already!

7.  Need more play by play action.  Check our the Baltimore Sun's reality check.

8.  The seattlepi looks into "Why The Biggest Loser's O'Neal Has Such a Strong Bond with Daughter Sunshine".

9. looks at the alliances and says "time to break up the alliances".  Good luck.  Although last week was a start.

10.  Okay so Earth Day or Month is over!  But Bob talks about working out with energy star in order to save our earth.  Check the video out at

The Biggest Loser Goes Big In Texas

Normally I wait till next Tuesday to talk about The Biggest Loser but tonights episode was this seasons best so far.  The first 30 minutes of the show was shot in Texas. Why Texas?  Texas is home to five of the ten fattest cities in America.  So the contestants were sent to Texas to promote getting fit and hit the local airwaves to talk up a 5K around The Cotton Bowl.  This is when the waterworks started to turn on.  While walking and some running of local Texas folks during the 5K they opened up to tell life struggles with obesity.  It was a tear jerker.  If that wasn't enough to make you cry Jillian then visited a local high school to deliver a pep talk about getting fit.  During a Q&A period a young teenage girl stood up to talk about her own obesity issues.  This poor girl is probably teased every day by her classmates and here she is standing up before them telling her story in tears.  And that was only the first hour of the show. 

Yeah the show was filled with the usual lamest attempts at slipping in advertising.  Umm..really Walgreen's sells healthy snacks?  But Bob did drop in on a local 24 Hour Fitness and held a boot camp style class and some of the 5K Contestants won passes to 24 Hour Fitness.  I can over look the 24 Hour Fitness cross promotional tools cuz' it's about Fitness and Working Out.  But Walgreens?  

The last hour of the show was mostly the weigh in.  This week outside in 34 degree weather.  Brrr....damn thats cold.  I won't say who went home but I cried some more.  But watching the video of the contestant who was sent home made it easier.  It made the episode just more inspiring.  As Comic Book Guy would say "BEST EPISODE EVER!"

Don't take my word for it here is what others have to say...

Entertainment Weekly has a great play by play recap of the entire episode. 

The Houston Chronicle chimes in with some quotes about how fat Texas really is.  Oh and for those you care about Health Care Reform in regards to Obesity "It costs you Texans $10 billion annually to treat obesity related health issues."  

also the has a short recap of the episode.

Next week is the make over show.  That is always a fun episode to watch!  

Women's Health - Jillian Michaels

I love The Biggest Loser.  I watch the show, follow all the gossip blogs about the show and play the video game on Wii. I even attended The Biggest Loser Boot Camp Class at my local 24 Hour Fitness.  So of course when I see Jillian Michaels on the cover of Women's Health I buy a copy.  Now I'm not going to spoil anything so go and buy the magazine but till then enjoy this behind the scenes of the photo shoot...

Limited Time 24 Hour Fitness Hosts Biggest Loser Boot Camps!

Every week I talk about The Biggest Loser and how addicted I am to the show.  Well coming up will be my and everyone's chance to attend The Biggest Loser Boot Camp at 24 Hour Fitness.  Here is some info:

When is the next Biggest Loser Boot Camp?24_hour_fitness.png  

Saturday, April 10 is the next official Biggest Loser Boot Camp. Some clubs have additional Boot Camp classes on an ongoing basis. Check with your local club for 

their schedule.

What are the benefits of boot camp-style workouts?

24 Hour Fitness Boot Camp classes combine intervals of cardio drills and muscle conditioning exercises to provide you with the ultimate circuit workout. You can burn hundreds of calories in a variety of classes that may use jump ropes, boxing drills, free weights, and even a little healthy competition. Expect the unexpected in these full-body Boot Camp classes, which are packed with lots of variety and tons of fun.

see for more information

Winter Olympic Edition - Tuesday's Swim Report Part 2 / Things I Might Have Missed

Since Homer Simpson thought the Winter Olympics including Santa Clause high diving into a frozen pool here are a few un-pool related Winter Olympic Things That I May Thesimpsons100214 Have Missed...

1.  Well of course we start with the link to The Simpsons "Boy Meets Curl" episode on Hulu. You need to watch it to the very end as the 2014 Games in Sochi have a plug.

2.  This is pretty cool. reports on how "Vitaminwater turning bus shelters into ski lifts out in Vancouver".

4. 24 Hour Fitness has a micro-site with news from Vancouver and the 24 Hour Fitness "Team 24" Olympians.  Also follow @24hourfitness for news updates of Team 24 Members from Vancouver. (note I am a member of 24 Hour Fitness but receive nothing for my plugging away at how cool of a gym they are!)

5.  For all you iPhone Olympian Fans I have been playing with 2 great apps from NBC.  One of them is the NBC Cheer sponsored by Coke in which can pick from various noise makers so you can cheer and airhorn away at your tv.  A more useful and way less annoying app is the NBC Olympic app.  With video clips, news updates, medal counts and more importantly twitter updates from all your Vancouver Olympians. (note links will open in itunes.)

6.  The Stanton & Company who represents several Vancouver Winter Olympians also has a great twitter feed with news updates @StantonCompany

7.  In the Swimming World everyone has talked about Mark Spitz and then Michael Phelps domination in the pool and Summer Olympics but what about the Winter Olympics?  Do You Know Who Toni Sailer is?  The LA TIMES profiles "Toni Sailer: The most dominant Winter Olympian?"

8.  Swimming Meets Vancouver when Gary Hall Jr. asks "What are the winner and loser winter sports?" via LA TIMES

9.  Also up from Vancouver Gary Hall Jr asks "How about a judging system for the opening ceremony?" also via LA TIMES

10.  Dara Torres tweets from Vancouver @daratorresswims

Saturday Swim Report / Things I Might Have Missed

1.  Work Hard Or Go Home wise words from Reach The Wall LINK

Swim-Peter-Marshall004 2.  Tony talks about how some swimmers are making some money from tech suits LINK.  As usual Tony has some valid points. 

3.  24 Hour Fitness has a YouTube Channel LINK.  Mostly just short infomercial like videos but they do feature some eye candy.

4.  Wanna run a 5K tomorrow (11/15/09)?  Come run for the RunForHer 5k Help raise money for ovarian cancer research.  You can enter the day of race. 

5.  USA Swimming Grand Prix, Minneapolis: Chloe Sutton, Rebecca Soni Set Meet Records LINK

6.  Outsports - Weekend Hot Jocks: Water polo players LINK 

7.  Some Wii Working Out News, Meh! "Fitness group 'underwhelmed' by Wii Fit exercises" LINK.  Some Free H2O..."Buy Wii Fit Plus, get free water" LINK.  10 Best Weight Loss Games for the Wii  LINK  They Made The Wii Bowling Ball, And They're Not Done Yet LINK.  Kaiser Permanente Has Wii Sports On Its Mind LINK.  And how can I not post about Lady Gaga:  Can You Spot The Game Peripheral In This Lady Gaga Video? LINK 


24 Hour Fitness - How to use the Precor® 966i Treadmill

Ahh...I always wondered what the thingy with the string was for.  I've never seen anyone clip that on before.  And I've seen things strapped on!  And look at those tv's!  Wowser!  I wish my 24 Hour Fitness in Hollywood had those.  I'd never leave!  Other than that the video is hypnotic.  You get to watch this guys legs move.  Oh and the guy could use some meat muscle on his calves.  Just saying