NIKE+ Not Working? Nike's Working On That.

NIKE+ not working?  Say it isn't so!  Well I haven't had much problem with my Nike+ Sportband and using the nikerunning website.  Of course I haven't been running that much.  Well it sees according to Techcrunch "Nike Apologizes For Nike+ Issues, Promises Fixes, New Platform Soon.  Jayme Martin, VP and GM of Nike Running, has emailed a letter to Nike+ users, apologizing for the platform’s performance over the past few months. He says that Nike is aware of a number of issues that have been affecting its users, including problems logging in, syncing devices, sharing runs and editing profiles."  Hmm…I gotta admit that I did see my run the other day on Facebook but don't recall seeing it on Twitter.  Of course this whole slowdown/shutdown could have been in the time I was injured.  As of know I've yet to get my letter from Nike but here it is below

"    Dear Nike+ Member,

    It’s been a tough couple months for Nike+. We know from the feedback that there have been a number of issues, including logging in, syncing devices, sharing runs and editing profiles. Not everyone has been affected, but if you have experienced any of those problems, I’m genuinely sorry. Running is supposed to be pure, simple Nike-sportband-01-570x489 and uncomplicated. And Nike+ is supposed to enhance it, not make it more complex.

    Just like you, we hold ourselves to incredibly high standards, and right now Nike+ isn’t living up to them. There are lots of reasons why these problems began, but this letter isn’t about the excuses. This letter is about what we are doing to fix them and what’s coming next.

    As of today we have increased login speed and eliminated a majority of login failures. We have improved your ability to sync devices, log runs and post information to Facebook. We are also working on a new version of the Nike+ GPS app that will be released shortly. It will introduce some great new features and address some of the recent bugs.

    Things are better but we aren’t done yet. We’re working on a brand new platform for Nike+ that includes better coaching, maps and challenges. It will be much faster, more social, and easier to use, providing more information and analysis of your runs. Also in the works are some really exciting new products and services. We are committed to relentlessly improving and innovating to ensure that, just like you, Nike+ is never standing still.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this. If you have any thoughts or questions please email us or go to our Facebook page and we’ll get back to you.

    Thanks for your patience. We really appreciate you being a part of the Nike+ Nike+-SportWatch-GPS-powered-by-TomTom-WM0069_077_A family. There are great things to come.

    Jayme Martin

    VP/GM NIKE Running"

Now one could just say to hell with it and switch to Adidas miCoach or RunKeeper but if you are like me and been a long time Nike+ User (me since Janurary of 2007) it's hard to break the habit.  All those fun challenges and colored levels keep me running.  I'm at the purple level and I'm so proud.  I do gotta admit I use the Nike+ Sportband as a back up tool and to just to keep my Nike+ account busy/active.  It's also great for treadmill running as GPS really doesn't work then. 

I do hope they fix whatever problems they have had and come up with some new exciting stuff to keep us Nike+ fans happy and running.  I'm so not ready to give up my Pink and White Sportband!  Not yet!  Although the new Nike+ GPS Watch is pretty cool.

tuaw posted "Nike+ not working? Nike says sorry, and is working on the problem."

E3: Adidas miCoach for X-Box Kinect and Playstation Move

I've posted a few times about using the Adidas miCoach app while I've been running.  I've used both the Android and iPhone app and liked it.  First of all it's a free app so that is great.  It uses GPS and when synced comes up with some great information and charts on your run.  What I didn't like about it so much was the lack of Facebook and Twitter integration.  I've been told that those will be happening soon.  Lately I've been using my old Nike+ Sportband (no GPS) and RunKeeper on my phone (with GPS) to track my runs.  I'm still using Nike+ because of the Challenges I'm involved with online already, the years of old data of my runs already on Nike+ and the fact that Nike+ syncs with DailyMile.  DailyMile is like Facebook for runners.  I use Runkeeper for more accurate GPS results and the fact I have a few friends who use it also.  I can also have Runkeeper update Twitter and Facebook to post my runs on my feeds. 

Now with all that said I think I may have to give Adidas miCoach another look as at E3:  THQ and Adidas announce miCoach for X-Box 360 Kinect and Play Station 3 Move.  No Wii as of now.  Which really sucks.  According to Destructoid -

THQ and Adidas revealed a new interactive athletic training program for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 called miCoach.

The title brings together training programs developed for sports like basketball, soccer, football, tennis and running with sports stars from each sport. Dwight Howard, Kaka, Tyson Gay, Jessica Ennis, Ana Ivanovic and Eric Berry have all signed on to appear in the fitness title as trainers.

miCoach lets players choose their fitness goals and then takes over to coach them through every step. Players are displayed inside the game via the camera on either Microsoft's Kinect sensor or Sony's PlayStation Move camera. Sports stars exercise alongside the player, while the game keeps track of progress, counts reps and more.

THQ says that both proper training programs and motivation were goals in the development of this game. Players that have Adidas miCoach heart rate montiors will also get real-time feedback on their in-game performance. Beyond this, the miCoach mobile app will synchronize with the game to factor in data gathered away from the living room.

Now that is pretty cool actually.  For the Wii I do have Wii Fit, Wii Fit Plus, EA Sports Active and a Biggest Loser game but over time they've collected dust.  But if Adidas miCoach does add Facebook and Twitter integration it may just keep me playing the game like it keeps me running.  If I'm able to create challenges with friends like Nike+ but for the game then I'll be hooked.  I guess only time will tell and the THQ's miCoach will be released in early 2012.  But so far I'm intrigued.  Might even start running with miCoach again!


Back Off Helpfull Nudge! I'm Over You miCoach!

Okay so I didn't run before swimming this morning.  I know I said I was going to run.  But the 5am alarm came and went.  That snooze button is so friendly!  But I did go swimming so that is something.  Of course when I got back from swimming or actually when I checked email after swimming on the way home I found this helpfull little reminder that I'm a running slacker from miCoach Micoach
Yeah, Adidas miCoach I'm still running and my workouts actually don't miss me.  I just stopped using you because well, you don't update status reports to twitter while RunKeeper does.  So there!  Also I have friends who use either Nike+ or RunKeeper so we can challenge each other.  So sorry Adidas miCoach in my book you lost the running app race.

As for swimming today it was a decent day.  I actually liked the set.  Even though it seemed to take a bit before I was feeling fast.  Notice I said fast as my technique was just not there.

Warmed up a mixed 600.  Then we did a 200 Kick.  So 800 yard warm up.

Main Set - Okay so we had a choice.  Well I had a choice, sort of.  As did one other swim mate.  So one group of swimmers swam 5x50's on 55, a 500 on an interval then 3 sets of 5x50's each getting faster on intervals of 50/55/60 by group.  Myself and my lane mate swam a different set:

5x50's Free on 55.  To set the pace

3x400's on 6  minutes.  1st 400 swim paced. that didn't go so well.  I went out too fast in the 1st 100.  Couldn't find a pace.  Did it in about a 5:05.  2nd 400 Pulling.  I used paddles for the first 200 and was cruising.  I finished up with another 5:05.  Now my lane mate got to use fins for his 1st and 3rd 400.  Not me.  I was just a smidgen ahead of him till the last 75.  That's when he started to kick and pull ahead of me by a second.  He did a 4:37 and I was a 4:38/9.  We were out in about a 1:07 for the first 100.   I was just trying to stay below or around a 1:10 base. 

Then with an extra 30 seconds rest we regrouped with the other lanes to swim the last round of 5x50's.  So 1700 yard main set.  (1700/2500)  And then I just warmed down a 100 yards.  For 2,600 yards before getting kicked at 7:50 for the aqua aerobics / fitness class that starts at 8am.  Damn them!  Not like I was going to swim more but I just hate the fact they take the whole pool for like 6 people.

Getting Into The Run Of Things! Motivating Myself

Motivating myself to get up and running is getting harder to do everyday.  Summer has arrived early with the high temps and high humidity.  Running earlier in the morning really isn't much help.  That is when I can wake myself out of bed to run.  The other day I had to trick myself into running by leaving work clothes and breakfast at work so I'd run the 6 miles to work in the morning.  Without putting money down on Anim_Homepage an upcomming race I don't have much reason to run.  For awhile using Nike+ I was running just to get to the next level but now I'm there and I won't move up till another 1,500 miles.  So that motivation is gone.  So I just gotta run to keep fit.  Such a hard goal to be motivated by.  So I'm trying to use different phone apps and social media services to keep myself going.  I'm still using my somewhat old Nike+ Sportband to keep the Nike+ going.  The other day I used the miCoach from Adidas app and today I used the Runkeeper app.  Both are free GPS phone apps that pretty much are the same.  But since I have more Twitter "friends" that use Runkeeper I may stick to that app.

Today's run was just a boring loop I've done many times before.  But since I overslept I actually did the run in daylight.  I never realized the boringness of this run till this morning.  Trees, golf courses, more trees, some boring houses, more trees and more trees.  I miss running in Los Angeles.  I felt like Eva Gabor on Green Acres! Nike_sat
The non-gps Nike+ Sportband gave me a 5 mile run.  I had to loop around the cul de sac a few times to get to that.  Now after this run I think the last run Nike+ error was human error and not something to do with the GPS interferring with the Nike+ signal.  I'm guessing.  Who knows? Run_keeper_1
Runkeeper gives me about the same amount of miles with a 5.17 mile run.  That's close enough for me.  Now since Nike+ Sportband is on my wrist and the phone is in a pouch in my water bottle I hit and pause the Nike+ first then the phone.  Then when starting again I do the phone first place it in the pouch and then unpause Nike+ and run.  So that is the difference in time/duration of the run.  It's a minor difference.  But since Runkeeper is GPS I get more data then the old Nike+ Sportband. Run_keeper_2
The elevation chart I guess will help me know if I'm slacking on hills or not.  Or whatever since it's pretty flat around here. Run_keeper_3
Meh, splits.  I guess once I go out on longer runs it'll be interesting to see how I run.  Hard to judge on a baby 5 miler. Run_keeper_email
As for motivating me to run I did get this little note via email from Run Keeper for my farthest distance achievement.  It was my first run using the app so whatever.  Maybe I'll get more down the road.  I used the Free RunKeeper app for my run but the do offer an Elite version for $4.99 a month.   I really don't understand why anyone would do that.  Do you really need to live broadcast your training runs to everyone on Facebook and Twitter?  Do you?  Okay so maybe I'd like to.  But not at $4.99 a month.  With that fee comes "clases" or training programs for marathons and other events.  Maybe that would be worth it as they have "time goal" classes.  Either way at least the free version will keep me running.  Run, Baby, Run!

But wait, there's more... May_dailymile I made my running goal for this month to run 10 miles more then April.  I'm way behind!  Guess I'll have to trick myself twice this week into running to work!

Six Mile Run and Sprint Swimming Day

Yesterday I hatched a master plan to trick myself into getting up and running.  I left breakfast and a change of work clothes at work so I'd run to the gym in the morning.  Yeah, I have to trick myself to run otherwise I just hit the snooze button.  So I set my alarm and hoped for the best.  

Backing it up a bit after my swim and my short shift at work I hit the 3:15 spinning (Group Ride) class to finish my day of cardio.  I believe I did a quick set of leg weights before calling it a day.

So this morning I get up and somehow motivated to crawl out of bed at 4:15am.  It was hard but I told myself I had to be out and running by 5am to get to the gym for 6am.  I figured that would leave me time to do some weights once at the gym.   MorningAbove is the graph of my run using the GPS app Adidas miCoach.  I had my Nike+ Sportband going also during my run but ran into some technical or user issues.  I guess I paused my Nike+ Sportband at one point and didn't restart it.  I noticed it was flashing but it might not have been user error.  I think the GPS phone signal might have been playing havoc with the Sportband and the Sensor in my sneaker.  I noticed the Nike+ Sportband was off at a few earlier points in the run.  I stopped in the dark at one point to play around with the pocket on my shoe that has the sensor in it.  Thought maybe I lost the sensor or something. 

On my run I used my Nathan Hydration Belt not so much to carry water but to hold my phone, keys and ID.  I didn't leave those things at work with my clothes and needed them.  Luckily the belt is like Batman's Utility Belt and has a pouch to store stuff.  I did fill both bottles with water just in case as I did carry a bottle of G2 in my hand to drink on my way.  But along my way TRAGEDY!  Yeah, that Bee Gee's song is stuck in my head.  Back to TRAGEDY!  Some time along my run I lost one of the bottles!  Ugh!  I thought I may have lost it near the end of the run when I reached back for my phone so I retraced part of my run.  Nothing!  Doh!  IMG_20110512_140729-1
I took a picture of my Nathan Belt minus one of the bottles.  They do sell replacement ones so I guess I'm gonna spend $11 on a itty bitty plastic bottle.  Well they only sell them in sets of three.  So I guess it's not so bad.  I've only used the belt a few times.  But with this hot weather and humidity I plan on using it all summer! 

After my run I hit upstairs and did arms and chest.  I did my full routine but wish I had taken some food after my run.  I was getting hungry.  Lucikly I had food and a protein shake waiting in the fridge for post workout.  After my shift I headed home.  No Arms & Abs Class this week.  Oh I had prearranged a ride home since I had ran to work.

Later on after lunch and relaxing I had planned to meet up at 3:30 for a swim.  One of the fast guys works most mornings but swims every Thursday at 3:30.  So I'm trying to go when I can.  It's nice to have someone my speed to push me in workouts.  But before I hit the pool I got into the golf cart and drove my run route from this morning.  Trying to find my water bottle.  No luck!  But I did get a quick sprint workout at the pool.

I was late due to my water bottle adventure.  So I got in a 100 for warm up.

Then 4x75's Kick/Drill/Swim with fins. (300/400)

Two Sets of 4x100's on 2:05.  1 - first 50 fast, 2 - second 50 fast, 3 - easy pull and 4 - FAST and repeat.  We did 1:02 and 1:01 for our fast ones.  I forget my other times but they were fast but not that fast.  (800/1200)

Hmm..we did a short easy kick set.  2x100's I think.  (200/1400)

8x50's on some interval I can't remember 25 Kick/25 drill then 25 sprint stroke / 25 easy free.  Mixing up strokes in sets of 2.  I did fly and back.  (400/1800)

12x25's - 3 Rounds of IM's basically.  (300/2100)

Then I did a 50 easy.  It was 95F and humid.  I was dying from the heat.  When I got home I felt dizzy.  I ate dinner and took a short nap.  Feeling better now. 

One Run, Three Reading: Nike+ vs miCoach vs gmap-pedometer

The world isn't perfect and it seems getting exact mileage records while running is far from perfect.  I've been using my Nike+ Sportband for years and have known it was a bit off even after calibrating the device several times.  Before the Sportband I used the Nano with Nike+ and it was a bit off also.  This past week I've been trying out the free iPhone app from Adidas called miCoach which works via GPS.  The problem with GPS is that while running I hit patches of the path that has iffy AT&T coverage so my GPS goes in and out.  But more on that later.  Here are the graphs from today's run:

Nike+ Sportband: Sundayrunnike Since I'm using the Nike+ Sportband I can pause and start up the timer while out running.  My pit stop to take a pee break and all the cross lights that I have to stop at all get cut out of my time.  So I get a faster pace then from using miCoach.  But since the Nike+ is a bit generous with mileage it's a bit too fast of a pace then I actually ran.  Normally I love the fact that Nike+ shares my runs via Facebook and Twitter but for some reason Nike+ didn't update my status with my run.  Doh!  Nike+ Mileage - 12.24

Adidas miCoach:

Since Adidas miCoach uses GPS I can see my pace in relation to the elevation of the route.  Gotta like that.  Also the graph is a bit more detailed then the Nike+.  While running miCoach alerted me several time of low or no GPS.  This might be important to my run as I was out running on the path along Santa Monica Blvd then turned on Wilshire and ran a bit turning on Whittier.  But decided I'd just turn around home and run back on the path along Santa Monica   Well part of that run and turn back was when I had no GPS so a very short bit of my run vanished.  Now normally I don't turn around but run a loop so I am assuming the GPS picks me along my loop route and guesses my route so I don't miss any mile.  I got the miCoach to finally update my Facebook status after several attempts.  It puts the chart as a grapic but unlike Nike+ doesn't shout out my mileage run.  But I do like the graph being posted.  miCoach mileage - 11.74

Here is the map via gps from miCoach: Adidas_micoach_map
The map function of miCoach kicks ass.  I don't have Nike+ GPS so I can't compare.  But with miCoach you can move the runner icon below and the runner moves along the route and you can get info about each mile.  The screengrab shows the last mile ran.  That is a pretty cool function.  Looking at the map I can tell the map doesn't include that little stop and turning back at the western end of Wilshrie.  I ran up Whittier a bit and it didn't read that bit.  But it's a very small amount.  I didn't take a screengrab but playing gmap-pedometer I got another reading of my mileage.  Gmap-Pedomter Mileage - 11.74

So I got three different readings for my run.  I'll go with 11.75 to be on the safe side.  The run itself was okay.  Could have been better.  Was missing water from the first 1/2 of my run.  I went out running without thinking out my route.  Nothing was open to stop and grab water.  Since my internet was down when I woke up I ran without mapping it out and thinking about water.  A mistake I will not make again.  I was dying the last 3 miles of today's run.  Was thinking of stopping and walking but I pushed myself and finished the run.

Thursday's 6 Mile-ish Run

Woke up way too early in the morning but just couldn't get myself to run.  Finally I got my act together and ran.  Only planned a short run so I headed east on Sunset to LaBrea.  Then I ran down LaBrea to Wilshire and turned back.  But I turned west on Fountain.  I didn't want to run that much and I had to take a pee.

I used both my Nike+ Sportband and the Adidas miCoach iPhone app to compare the two programs.  I am still liking the Nike+ over the miCoach.  Other running log websites I use such as, and import from Nike+ but not from miCoach.  Also I can repost my Nike+ workouts on both Facebook and Twitter but miCoach only posts to Facebook.

Nike+ Run Chart - Thurs
So you don't get much data just using the Nike+ Sportband but it's enough for me.  They do have a heart rate monitor now that somehow works together and an iPhone app for the newer iPhones but alas I have neither.  So I miss out on some data.  The Nike+ calibration is a bit off and gave me a reading of 6.13 miles run.

miCoach Run Chart - Micoach_thu

With the miCoach I don't pause like I do with the Nike+ Sportband so those dips in my run is me stopping.  Since the Nike+ Sportband is on my wrist it's easier to pause.  While the miCoach is an iPhone app that means I have to unlock the phone and pause.  With sweaty hands that doesn't always work.  The gps is more accurate and gave me a 5.95 mile run.  I wonder if I had the miCoach device what sort of data I would get.  Also I wonder how well the miCoach device works along side the iPhone app with it's gps?  I started to play with some of the online features of miCoach and will continue to play with them.  So far I'm underwelmed but havn't had too much time to look around the site.

Tuesday's 8 1/2 Mile Morning Run

This morning I mapped out my run before taking off with the mission to run at least 8 miles.  I also wanted to be done before the sun came out and got too hot. So I was up at 5am.  Of course it took 50 minutes before I actually started to run.

Normally to track my runs I use the Nike+ Sportband as I only have the older Nikerun iPhone 3G.  Nike+ for the iPhone only works on 3GS and 4G phones so I use the sportband.  It's not 100% accurate and no GPS.   I figure for my runs I don't need to be 100% accurate.  I also compare the Nike+ reading of miles to gmap pedometer which I use to map out my runs.  But without GPS I get limited data on my runs as you can see by the blue little graphic.  It's enough for me.  Also when I plug in the sportband chip to my computer it just automatically loads the info and sends an update to my Facebook and Twiiter accounts.  I like the Nike+ mostly because I've been using it so long that it has all my runs for a few years back.  Plus I like getting in some of the challenges.

I've used other GPS tracking programs and today I tried a new one.  I Micoach downloaded the Adidas miCoach for the iPhone.  It's a free app that uses GPS to track your runs.  GPS apps seem to be battery drainers on the iPhone 3G but luckily it lasted my 8.5 mile run today.  Because it uses GPS you get a map route of your run and can see more detailed information about the run including elevation.  I set it up so that every mile it told me my status which I liked.  I think with my old iPod Nano and Nike+ it also did that.  Adidas miCoach does update Facebook but not Twitter and they have no challenges.  Yet.  Adidas also sells it's own Sportband like device.

I think I'll stick with the Nike+ since it's what I own but at least if I'm away on vacation and forgot my Sportband at least I know of an application for the iPhone that is pretty nifty for tracking runs.

As for today's run I gotta admit the first 1/2 felt like crap.  Really didn't feel like running.  But it was a nice cool morning which is perfect for running so I took advantage of the weather.  It was a picture perfect morning heading back home with the sunrise in front of me. was worth getting up early.