Racing for Newport

Home of America's Cup matches from 1930 to 1983, Newport, Rhode Island holds a special place in the Cup's past. Through New York Yacht Club American Magic and team members Nick Dana, Dan Morris and others, Newport is again part of the present and future of the Cup.

Tangible reminders of Cup racing are plentiful around town. From Newport's "America's Cup Avenue" to paintings and photos on tavern walls and to several Cup-winning yachts still actively sailed on Narragansett Bay, the echoes left by the oldest trophy in sport remain loud. Sail Newport is another example of Newport's America's Cup legacy. Rhode Island's public sailing center was founded to bring international sailing events back to Rhode Island after the loss of the Cup. 37 years later,

Sail Newport empowers thousands of New Englanders and Newport visitors to go sailing with world-class regattas, affordable instruction and opportunities that attract new sailors to the sport.

Data Driven: Managing Knowledge Flow on an America's Cup AC75

It takes a special combination of skill, inventiveness, and cool under pressure to manage the flow of priceless data from the America's Cup AC75's sensors to the team's analysis tools. From those tools come refined schematics for builders, lessons for sailors, and a better chance of winning. Luckily for American Magic, Instrumentation Engineer Elvira Llabres has all of this covered for the U.S. Challenger.

Competitive Philosophy - American Magic, Challenger, 36th America's Cup

Each America's Cup Challenger has a few key tools to work with: The AC75 class rule, fresh talent, proven experience and a finite amount of time. From these common ingredients grows a competitive philosophy that is unique to each team. For American Magic, the U.S. Challenger, this philosophy centers around a daily refusal to be outworked.

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