How to improve your technique using the Swim Snorkel Pro?

Just like the standard swim snorkel, it is designed to work on your technique, so you can breathe without moving your head, in particular in freestyle and focus on your stroke. The advantage of this one is that it’s more stable, so if you’re a good swimmer, a competitive swimmer, and you swim at high speed, with a standard snorkel you might experience some vibrations.

With this snorkel that is smaller, there is no rotating heads, there is no purge valve, so it is more essential, but it’s very stable.

You have two different tops, with different size of the holes, so you’ve got more or less air coming in and out, so you can do this sort of relaxed speed training when you have to swim fast but breathe in slowly, so working on your lung capacity and ability to work with low oxygen. You can obviously use it without a top, so you get even a bigger opening.

Two different sizes of mouthpiece so you can use the one that is more suitable for your mouth. The strap is easy to adjust, just pull on the loose end. You can adjust the height of the headpiece, you can suit it exactly to your face, and to your personal preference.

his is the Swim Snorkel Pro for competitive swimmers. #SwimSnorkelPro #breathing #technique

Using the Powerfin Pro for a faster kick-up, full power on the down-kick and more control

This short swimming fin is more rigid, heavier, is more powerful, so it’s not suitable for any kind of swimmers, not for beginners, it’s really for expert swimmers.

It’s a short fin, like all the swimming fin. You use these fins to go fast, to have more powerful during your underwater phase, to do your underwater dolphin kick. It is made of silicone, so quite a hard material but also heavy, so it’s a bit of a heavy fin, you have to work out very hard with it.

The open heel gives you more flexibility to flex your ankle. You’ve got these channels on the side that give you more stability and more speed. The blade is angled so that it gives you even more propulsion. You also have left and right foot, so it’s not symmetric fin. Something typical on this fin is these ribs at the bottom, with some cuts in it. So when you’re gonna do your down kick you’re gonna get the maximum power, but when you’re gonna do your upkick, this is gonna flex and is gonna give you the ability to do a faster upkick.

This was the Powerfin Pro made for expert swimmers to work on your kick in a very powerful way. #PowerfinPro

Powerskin ST Aero

These suits are very specifically designed and developed for ironman racing. Ironman events have very different rules to the standard ITU rules for triathlon events and this allows us to develop features and benefits in these suits. Ironman racing because of the distance and the rigours of this racing requires different features and benefits and athletes are looking for some main points and one is compression, of course, as they want to have support, but they also want freedom of movement. When they are on the bike for 190 km in a full distance event it’s really important that they don’t feel too squeezed or compressed in certain areas and it allows them to continue through the race. Another feature that they would look for is cooling effect, they are often under the sun for many hours and they need to make sure that their body is kept cool and functioning at its best optimal performance. So let’s take a look at some of the features and benefits that are found in the ST aero suits.

Let’s break it down at each stage of the Ironman event and see which features and benefits work for the athlete during the event. Firstly, during the swim, the suits are perfectly adequate for swimming, the fabrics do not absorb moisture, they do not contain water so there is less drag but they are not specifically designed for swimming because as we know ironman athletes are allowed to wear speed suits over the top of these suits. Now after the swim they come out and in the transition zone they take the speed suit off and now they are ready to go on the bike.

On the bike, there are some very new features for them. Firstly, compression for the legs is very important to reduce fatigue and we have this grade ST fabric, which is proven to provide both compression and support. On the legs wide silicone elastic bands, no pressure on the muscles so very comfortable over long distance.

Moving up to this part of the suit for the ride, we have on the front a very lightweight fabric, very stretchy fabric so no undue pressure on the rider. We have a long zip in the front so during the race you can put the zip down to get more air on the chest and keep you cool and the side panels are very open mesh as air passes over the body it helps dissipate the moisture to keep the athlete very cool.

In the back of the suit, during the ride, very importantly, pockets, ok we need pockets for gels and sports bars it has to be there, it’s a must especially on long distance like ironman. On the back there we have again a light mesh fabric, it’s all about cooling, getting the heat away from the body, keeping the athlete cool, very important during the ride. The most important feature here we have for the rider is of course the arms.

For ironman events, we are allowed to put sleeves on these suits. This fabric we use there is a woven fabric with a very unique surface texture and this texture helps to improve aerodynamics as the air passes over. It has been proven in the wind tunnel. It has a similar effect as a golf ball if you wish; this helps to reduce drag for the rider.

The rider’s position …a lot of drag is caused by the shoulders and the forearms and these specific sleeves help with that. So those are the features and benefits for the ride. Of course, once you get off the bike and you’re into the run some of those features come into play. Pressure on the legs to help reduce fatigue. The impact on the road during a marathon is very tiring; you want to keep that support there to help the athletes.

The same mesh panels keeping it cool, the same lightweight fabric at the front here, it’s very important to keep pressure off the chest, allowing the athletes to breathe well and the mesh in the back keeping it cool again. And those are the unique features and benefits we find in the ST aero suits designed for the ironman distance events.

Powerskin Wetsuit Entry-Level

Today we are looking here at the full tri-wetsuit in the powerskin range and also a sleeveless version that you can see here. These tri-wetsuits are obviously designed for swimming and they are made up of a mixture of different neoprenes, different thicknesses of neoprenes that do different things.

We have four different thicknesses in this suit, placed in different areas, so for example through the core region here we have a 4 mm neoprene to give more buoyancy, we have a 1.5 mm neoprene here in the shoulders and the arms to allow you to have more flexibility when you are swimming and not restricting your natural motion in any way. Down below we have a 3 mm in the lower legs, 3 mm in the back, upper back, again to give you the best position.

So it’s really important that the buoyancy is at the right level, so that you’re even and flat in the water. You don’t want to be too high in the front or too high in the legs, to give you a good body position. Also underneath, we have a super-stretched neoprene, double-laminated both sides with fabric for extra durability and again it’s all about flexibility, keeping you completely free in the reach during your stroke. Around the neck, we have a 2 mm neoprene here and that’s obviously for a good seal on the neck as well as better comfort.

If we take a look at the back of the suit and the zipper, there we have a reverse zipper for very specific reasons for triathlon and open water use. So the reverse zipper gives you unique benefits. One is that by having the zipper pulled when it’s closed in the bottom here you remove the back of the neck, you create a better seal around here letting less water in as well as it’s more comfortable when you are lifting your head during the race and spotting to see where your competitors and where you are.

In addition to that it’s very quick release when you come out of the swim, one pull on your zipper cord and your suit opens, and also you have absolutely no risk of anybody during the race pulling your zipper cord by mistake and opening your zipper which is a disaster. The neoprene we use is also polyurethane coated which gives you better glide through the water and least resistance.

As I said earlier, we have a sleeveless version over there for those who want even less restriction in the arms and that’s available to come in men and women. So both sexes are catered for. And those are the features and benefits that you find in the Arena Powerskin Tri-Wetsuit.