How to set a new 5K PR

How can you set a new 5K PR? It comes down to varying your training schedule, giving yourself enough time, and investing in quality running gear. Follow these tips to help you set a new 5K PR.

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An All-Terrain Shoe That Can Handle Everything: Brooks Cascadia 16 Review

Run Tester Todd here. I’ve been hitting the trails in the new Brooks Cascadia 16, an all-terrain shoe that can handle everything from well-maintained horse trails to rocky, technical terrain. Thanks to the Ballistic Rock Shield that Brooks infused in the design, the Cascadia 16 is an exceptionally stable and protective shoe. And the DNA Loft v2 cushioning makes the shoe 5% softer and 20% lighter than previous models. If you’re looking for a trail shoe that can handle everything from a short hike to an ultramarathon, then check out the Brooks Cascadia 16. Website:

Who Is a Runner | Chinatown Runners

Since the pandemic, many Asian runners have questioned their safety while in public. This tension inspired Victoria Lo, founder of Chinatown Runners, to do something. Chinatown runners is a running movement dedicated to connecting runners to Asian cultures, promoting safety, and running in solidarity with AAPI communities by running in Chinatowns across the country. In this episode of Who Is a Runner, made in collaboration with Camp 4 Collective, we follow Victoria as she taps into her love of running to build empathy, celebrate differences, and dismantle Asian stereotypes.