#EatThisNotThat Protein Muffins For Busy Mornings

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These protein muffins are perfect for your breakfast meal prep. When it comes to breakfast, you can't really go wrong with the heavenly combination of a muffin and a cup of coffee. But without any protein, that small breakfast won't leave you feeling very full. Instead, pack those muffins with some extra protein powder! These protein muffins are stuffed with protein to give you that morning boost that you need. Between the eggs, the protein powder, and the Greek yogurt, you'll be feeling full and satisfied until your next meal.


#EatThisNotThat How To Make The Best French Toast

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So what makes our French toast recipe the best? A little bit of added vanilla extract! This small amount of added flavor turns the French toast from a slice of simple eggy bread into a delectable meal to wake up to. You can also make French toast with whatever bread you have on hand—making it super versatile. You can try it with simple sliced sandwich bread, or our personal favorite, slices of a leftover crusty French baguette or Italian loaf. For this example, we actually used a leftover semolina bread loaf which had some sesame seeds sprinkled on top—a unique added touch to this French toast recipe. #EatThisNotThat