#FastBurnChallenge How to Get Your Mind Ready to Lose Weight!

Any diet you try is destined to fail if you don’t have your head in the game, including the #FastBurnChallenge! Psychiatrist Dr. Janet Taylor weighs in on getting over some of the traumas around weight and the main reasons that dieters fail. She also shares it’s important to know your real purpose and tie it into your goal of weight loss.

#FastBurnChallenge Intermittent Fasting: What Are the Biggest Struggles When It Comes to Weight Loss & Could IF Help?

Pooh, Mary and Gia join The Doctors to discuss what is motivating them to join the #FastBurnChallenge. Plus, they share their biggest struggles when it comes to food. Dr. Ian Smith shares about intermittent fasting and the fasting windows that you can choose for optimal weight loss.

#FastBurnChallenge​ Fitness Plan: How to Melt the Fat and Drop the Unwanted Pounds!

The team of 7 is ready to start the Doctors #FastBurnChallenge and celebrity trainer Jennifer Jacobs of The J Method is going to be recommending a workout plan for each person. Dr. Ian says to start with just 30 minutes a day at home. Dr. Ian Smith also shares that each participant will be eating clean and trying intermittent fasting.

#FastBurnChallenge​ Diet Plan: What and When to Eat to Drop the Pounds

Dr. Ian Smith gets really specific about the #FastBurnChallenge diet plan and how to blast the fat off and keep it off. During trials of this plan, participants of the plan lost an average of 12-15 pounds over 9 weeks. Participants also saw a reduction in their blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol. Check out the eating plan, which Dr. Ian Smith says will not have you going hungry!

The Doctors - Ready to Lose the Quarantine Weight? Start the #FastBurnChallenge​ Today!

Nearly 71 million Americans have gained weight during the pandemic. Working from home, heightened stress levels and giving into cravings were the biggest factors leading to the new bulge. Dr. Ian Smith has been helping people lose weight for decades and The Doctors are launching a 9-week weight loss challenge called the #FastBurnChallenge that just might change your life. Are you ready to start today?