Fitbit & Garmin: The Rise Of Smart Watches | Ahead Of Their Time | Full Episode

How did wearables go from a fantasy idea in sci-fi and spy movies to the smartwatches and tracking gadgets we now wear? Pioneers ushered in this new reality of what consumers have come to expect today, like Garmin who turned their GPS prowess into devices for athletes, and Fitbit who led the consumer health movement from clip-ons to our wrists.

My Workout Today: Leg Day

Warm Up (10 Minutes Cardio / 5 Minutes of Good Mornings)

10 Sets of Front Squats (Increasing Weights / Lowering Amount of Reps)

6 Sets Hex Bar Deadlifts (1st set is just the Hex Bar to wake up the hammies)

2 Sets of Bulgarian Splits (time was running out)

20 Minute HITT on the Tread via Peloton App



Tuesday AM Workout

Back workout done. Just trying to time out my mornings. Training for my new position this week so my schedule is sort of up in the air. One thing I didn’t like this morning was how crowded the gym was. Ugh.

My August 2021 Steps

Unnamed (14)

This graph shows your steps for August. The dotted black line indicates your daily average and the solid blue line represents the trend in your steps over time. The gray bars are the steps you took each day.

Your least active day in August was Monday, August 30. And your most active day was Saturday, August 7.

The average variability in your steps was 4,523 steps per day.

In total, you took an incredible 376,550 steps in August with your Fitbit. Keep up the good work!