(NIKE+)+(SMASHRUN)= Runner's Geek Heaven

(NIKE+)+(SMASHRUN)= Runner's Geek Heaven

Now I've been using Nike+ for a few years and I love it.  I've started with an old iPod Nano, to the iPhone, to the Nike+ Sportband and back to the latest iPod Nano.  Well the Nano is a backup if I forget my Sportband.  So yeah I feel invested in the Nike+ ecosystem.  For years the graphs of information about my runs have been fine and dandy.  But as time has gone on I think Nike+ hasn't kept up. I know I haven't tried the all new or almost a year old new Nike+ GPS Sportwatch or any heart rate monitor.  Maybe that would give me different graphs to look at.  So let's look at today's run...


It wasn't much of a run.  It was a warm up run before Group Power.  It was damn cold out.  45F is too damn cold to be in shorts and a short sleeve shirt.  Oh well.  Anyways I can get basic info from my Nike+ Sportband.  Now since I no longer have an iPhone but an Android based phone I used RunKeeper for GPS data.  Now Runkeeper is pretty cool and all...
Cool.  Some different data.  Mostly from GPS.  Now couldn't a Nike+ GPS app do that?  Yeah.  So cool for you iPhone users.  But can you import Nike+ into Fitocracy?  NOPE.  So Runkeeper wins that match.  But DailyMile users win since Nike+ can be imported but not Runkeeper.  Damn...we need a running geek standard!  Can all these workout / running social media websites survive?

Back to Nike+ and it's graphs and data.  Let's look at a sad chart of my sad running habits...


Meh...just run after run in bar form.  Yawn!  Now look at Smashrun.  Actually lets read a bit about Smashrun via a press release…

Offering an elegant alternative to the oft-criticized Nike+ site, Smashrun's free web-based platform creates rich visual dashboards that are tailored and prioritized, providing runners with a “big picture” snapshot and a “by run” specific analysis of years of running history.

In 2006, Nike revolutionized the personal data tracking industry with the introduction of the Nike+ sensor. Millions of runners adopted the device as they quickly discovered its power to motivate. By transforming data into attractive, shareable dashboards, Smashrun takes that motivational power to the next level.

We’ve engineered:

 - An attractive and easily shareable dashboard (here's Chris' running stats)
 - Badges that serve as milestones for running achievements
 - Daily ranks – for discipline, speed, and distance
 - Social sharing mechanisms and follower relationships

The result is multiple layers of reinforcement that are far more powerful than any video game, because the rewards are not just virtual. As users level up their Smashrun stats, so do they’re fitness level.



Kinda cool if you ask me.  I still got to play a bit more and run some more to see the data chance.  I hope the folks at Nike+ are watching this and will update the Nike+ data soon, really soon.  But till then I will be heading to Smashrun!

I Can't Swim 55! Swim Mate's Bday Themed Workout.

2 Hour Swim Day!  Wahoo!  Feels like ages since the last time I had a Sunday to just swim.  Since I don't have anything to do today I was able to get in some extra swim time.  The workout via emial…

1x500 loosen

1x300 kick with fins

6x50 on :50 with fins kick/fist closed 1 finger

1x400 fist closed 1 finger 1st 100, catch-up on the 2nd, build the 200

6x100 descending with paddles on 1:40

rest 2:00

10x50 on 1:15 - descend in pairs. Pick your final times and add 10 sec for the first 2.

Loosen 100 bk

So my 500 was 200 swim / 100 pull w/o paddles / 200 pull w/ paddles (500.)  Then my 300 was very easy and slow for kicking (800.)  The closed fist 1 finger drill bores me and is frustrating.  I alternated my 50's Fist and Finger Tip Drill (300/1100.)  For the 400 I was fist/catch up then building  (400/1500.)  The 6x100's I pulled them with paddles.  I descended them even if it was a slow swim.  Finished with a 1:04 (600/2100.)  My 10x50's were okay.  Umm…everyone was slowly arriving for the 2nd half of my swim or the sunday swim workout.  So I was stopping after every 2x50's and chit chatting (500/2600)  I then did an easy 100 before joining up with the rest for a birthday swim (100/2700.)

Happy 55th Birthday Finish!  One of my swim mates turned 55 so the theme was 55 today!  Next week someone turns 63!  OY!

Shit…what did we do.  We did some kicking.  I don't remember.  I think 5x50's.  That sounds about right.  I did some fly underwater for speed.  (250/2950)

5x125's Drill/Swim/Drill/Swim/Drill on 2:30.  I did the first two 50Fly/50back/25 free.  The rest I did some sort of IM switches.  (625/3575)

5x75's Free breathing every 5.  I had to take a quick pee break so I missed a 50 so it was 325 yards for me (325/3900)

15x25's with 1 To Grow On!  I did the first 8 doing IM then the last 8 all fly.  (400/4300)

And that was it…so 4300 yards if my math is correct in 2 hours.  Not bad.  Need more of these Sunday workouts.  Glad I have the whole month to swim on Sundays.  Well as of now. GothedistanceHoly Crap I'm behind my Go The Distance Goal for 2012 and it's only the second week.  Gotta get some more swim time in this week!  Need to bank some yards now in case work gets in the way later this year.  Ironfish
At least by logging this workout in over at Fitocracy I got a new Victory!  I Am Ironfish!  Wahoo!

My Itty Bitty One Man Tri Morning

I had this plan to create my own little Tri Workout for this morning.  It included swimming at 7am, Group Ride (Spinning) at 9:30 then running the 6 miles home from the gym.  But with rain forecasted for today I changed my plan.  I set my alarm for 5am and after 15 minutes of debating if I wanted to get out of bed I got up.  I put on my running sneakers but remembered my right ankle still has a blister healing.  So I took off my right Zoot and put on my Mizuno. IMG_20111117_061629
I figured no one was going to be out and about plus it was dark outside.  So off I was running.  While running I could see flashes of light in the sky.  So between that and the fact it took me a lot of time to actually get ready and out the door I only ran 3 miles. 318runI was going to do the loop which is about the same distance I had ran but I felt safer with the lightening about to hit if I stayed on my side of the main road.  Plus I felt less exposed to being hit with the houses and all on this side of the road. 

After the run I quickly changed and headed to the pool.  The rain had yet to start but the sky was an odd shade of red.  Almost pinkish.  That was an early warning of a pending storm. 

Warm Up

Mixed 500 then 200 Kick (700)

Then we did…

4x125's on 2:10 - 25 Fly / 25 Back / 50 Breast / 25 Free. (500)

And that was it.  It was to be 8x125's but thunder and lightening hit pretty strong so we had to get out.  So a 1200 yard swim.  But I do know what tomorrows swim is going to be so I need my rest.  I got 3 Rounds of 4x100's on 1:20.  Gonna be a tough morning.

The storm hit so fast with rain the the streets were flooded on the way home.  Glad I got my run out of the way.  Now I just gotta get my act together and head over to the 9:30 Group Ride / Spinning Class to finish my Easy Easy Short Short Tri Workout.

Wow oh wow.  I decided to stay for a 2nd Group Ride Spinning Class with Nancy.  So it was 9:30am and 10:45am. Clipboard
Earning me a whole bunch of things for Fitocracy.  Which the verdict is still out for me.  I like it but really do I need to keep track of everything somewhere else besides here?  But I do earn cool titles and badges... Pathfinder
Not that I understand what they mean.  They are meaningless I guess but sorta cool? Lost
Yes, I am lost.  Oh well a good day of working out!

Monday & My Lucky 13!

It's Monday.  I got out of the bed and swam.  Actually I woke up before my alarm.  I still wanted to stay in bed.  But I got out...

Lvevel13450 Mixed Warm Up then a 150 Kick (600)

4x50's on 60 DPS (200/800)

Main Set -
8x200's Free Descending.
First 4 on 3:00
5 & 6 on 3:10 Broken at the 100 with 10 sec rest
7 & 8 on 3:20 Broken at 50's with 5 sec rest.

Umm..I did descend.  The first 2 I pulled to slow me down and started with a 2:40.  I finished with like a 2:27ish on the fourth one.  The broken 100's I was 1:12/1:13 with a 2:25.  Then it's all a blur.  (1600/2400)

We then did 4x50's FAST on 60.  I used paddles.  (200/2600)

It was an okay workout.  Once my body woke up I was doing pretty well.  Not too bad for a Monday.  Yesterday after swimming I did Group Ride via the dvd class thingy.  I did one of the climb songs three times since I don't care for much of the music on the release I've been practicing with.

Oh and I'm at Level 13 on Fitocracy whatever that means. 

Gimme All Your Swim

Gimme All Your Swim.  My swimming, running and life in general is powered by music.  The latest Madonna "Gimme All Your Love" fueled this mornings workout. 
Warm Up
550 - Mixed.  Was working on my hand entry on my left side since yesterday the coach noticed I was doing some funky thing with my hand.  We then did 3x100's kick on 2:10.  (850)

Main Set:
3x50's on 50 (150)
3x100's on 1:40 (300/450)
2x150's on 2:30 (300/750)
3x100's on 1:40 (300/1050)
3x50's on 50 (150/1200/2050)

So as you can see the base was 50 seconds.  Now the first 1/2 was breathing every 3.  The second half was to be faster and I got to use paddles. Wahoo!    So by the first round of 100's I was flying.  I felt good.  I'm trying to remember my times.  I think my fastest one was a 1:09.  Then once the paddles were on I was feeling super fast.  The 150 my first 100 was a 1:07.   Grrr…I don't remember my 150 times.  Just more then a bit faster on the 2nd 150.  Then my second round of 100's I did a 1:03, 1:03 and 1:02.  I gotta admit I was very happy with my times today with and without paddles. 

After I just did an easy 50 for 2,100 yards.  And that was it.  Today I'll get some gym time in with Group Power and maybe Group Kick.

Back To Work, I mean Back To Swim.

Let's see what did I swim today…

Warm Up
200 Swim / 100 Pull / 200 Pull w/Paddles
Then 3x100's 25 Pull/50Kick/25 Swim on 1:50 (800)

Main Set:
500 on 7:30
4x250's on 4:00 (50 Catchup/200 Swim) Descending. (1500/2300)

Hmm…lots of math involved in this workout.  Since it's already been an hour as I came home, ate breakfast and sat with my coffee watching Bill Clinton @clintonbook on Morning Joe I'll try to remember how I did.  My 500 was okay it was just to get on pace and I started off a bit slow but picked away to come in about a 6:40.  I'm guessing as I remember thinking that I was averaging a 1;20 base.  As for the 250's I tried at first to swim my 50 catch up drill then look a the clock to get a start time for the 200 swim.  Which worked on a 200 by 200 basis but by the 2nd 200 I was trying to remember the previous 200 and then the math fell apart.  So I took each 250 on it's own just picking up the pace.  And boy did I descend.  These are approximations but I was a 3:57, 3:46, 3:36 and a 3:27.  I'm doing some guessing as I'd touch the wall and turn to see the clock.  The last two 250's I knew that at the 200 mark I had to be at 2:30 at the very least to get faster.  I so need to get some money to get one of those Finis Swimsense watches to do my math for me.  Grrr…As you know already I love infographics about running and use Nike+ and Runkeeper.  I also use DailyMile to keep up with friends who run all over the USofA.  Now I'm logging all my workouts on yet another site call Fitocracy.  What can I say I over share... FITOCRACYThe cool thing about it is that it does upload my Runkeeper data.  Everything else is sorta a pain in the ass.  Only general classes are listed.  Now I know Swimsense data ca be uploaded to Runkeeper but don't know if that can then be uploaded to Fitocracy.  Maybe someone at Finis knows.  Anyways, I'm gonna try it out for a while.  More infographics will hopefully keep me motivated.

I then just did a very easy, slow and stop n' go 100 warm down.  So a 2,400 yard workout.  I gotta admit I was feeling yesterday's gym time in my shoulders and back.  Guess going up in weight has yet to pay off in the pool.