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Tomatoes, mozzarella and basil are a winning combination. That's especially the case in this mouthwatering Chicken Caprese Pasta Salad recipe. These low calorie mediterranean inspired pasta salad bowls are packed with fresh veggies and savory chicken that's cooked to perfection. It's a healthy meal prep dish that you'll crave time and time again.

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My Lunch - Poor Man's Easy Avocado Toast

Hungry?  Looking for an easy fast lunch that isn't another frozen pizza or turkey sub?  Confession during the pandemic lock down those were my top two choices for lunch for months.  But once I started to pack on the pounds it was time to eat a little bit healthier at lunch.  That brought salad after salad after salad.  When it comes to cooking I'm not that creative so my salads were made up of some prepackaged bag of spring salad mix, a few tomatoes, some cut up cheese and an avocado.  That got old fast.  So I came up with a quick and easy Avocado Toast that can be changed depending on what I have in the fridge. AvotoastjoelI start off toasting the bread.  Now I use white bread which you can substitute with Whole Grain or Ezekiel Bread to cut down a bit on Carbs and Sugar.  I find for the difference of price compare to Carb savings I go with generic white bread at Aldi.  If you want a messy sandwich go with a large Avocado or a smaller one for something easier to eat with two hands and no fork.  I mash a wipe Avocado and add about 3 tablespoons of Chi Chi Salsa but any salsa you have works.  I don't recommend Aldi brand Salsa's as they tend to taste strong with vinegar.  I add 2 slices of the pre-cooked bacon from Aldi but all stores have some brand of it but the Aldi is the cheapest by far!  All you got to do is slice, mash and toast!  It's simple, easy and a healthier choice for lunch.  Here is the nutritional breakdown via MyFitnessPal.

Poor Man's Easy Avocado Toast Calories
beefsteak tomato - Tomato, 0.75 medium 19 4 0 1 15 2  
Avocado, 70 g 112 6 10 1 5 0  
chi-chi - salsa, 3 tablespoon 15 3 0 0 225 0  
Aldi bacon - Bacon, 2 slices 80 0 6 6 270 0  
Deli White American Cheese - White American Cheese, 2 slice 160 2 14 8 540 0  
0183 Generic - 2 Slices White Bread, Toasted, 2 slices 100 18 1 3 170 2  
TOTALS: 486 33 31 19 1,225 4  

So try it and tell me how it was in the comments or below.  Or feel free to post your own Avocado Toast recipes.  I'm always looking to try new things.