FINIS | Introducing the Smart Goggle, Powered by Ciye™

The Smart Goggle, Powered by Ciye™, is designed to help swimmers improve and meet their fitness goals. The in-goggle display and activity tracker gives real-time feedback to help you track your distance and time and get the most out of your swim. Once you’re out of the water, the app provides in-depth analysis of your workouts, logs your history, and allows you to connect with friends and fitness apps.

Speedo France - Mes lunettes. Quelles lunettes? Florent les a testées en jouant de la guitare #lunettesfuturabiofuseflexiseal

Nouvelles lunettes Futura Biofuse Flexiseal : testées et approuvées par notre champion olympique ! (en piscine et dans plein d’autres endroits… ) Nouvelles lunettes Speedo en vente ici : #meslunettesquelleslunettes #lunettesfuturabiofuseflexiseal

Friday's Swim Report - Cruising Into The Swim Lane & Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - Daily Mail posts "It's a girl! Olympic swimmer Geoff Huegill scoops top prize on Australia Day with arrival of new baby.  The 34-year-old butterfly champ and his wife Sara have yet to release the name of their newborn, but mother and child are said to be fit and healthy."

Lane 2 - Arena Water Instinct posts "Arena Cruiser 'Soft' Training Goggles.  These 'soft lens' training goggles are designed with a high 'self-adjusting' nose bridge, which is ideal for those with a high arch. The dual density frame and seal provides superior comfort and fit, while the adjustabe 'split' strap allows for easy 'on head' alteration."

Lane 3 - The Sydney Morning Herald posts "Ian Thorpe struggling with life in the slow lane.  A News Corp Australia report on Friday stated that the swimming great was injured in a fall earlier this week and claimed he seeking help for depression and alcohol abuse.  Hackett said, if true, Thorpe should be admired for facing his demons."  Meanwhile, The Sydney Morning Herald posts "Ian Thorpe's management denies swimmer is in rehab.  Ian Thorpe's management has denied that the Olympian is in rehab battling depression and alcohol abuse, saying instead he was in hospital for a shoulder operation."

Lane 4 - The Courier Mail posts (w/video) "Strife in the fast lane: James Magnussen trying to control his need for excessive early speed.  JAMES Magnussen has embraced his "vintage'' race plan and is trying to kill his bad habits, especially his tendency to go too fast.  Revealing yet another reason why he suffered an Olympic meltdown in 2012, Magnussen said too much speed in training had completely altered his approach. He went chasing speed to match his major rivals and it cost him the 100m freestyle gold."

Lane 5 - BBC posts "Commonwealth Games: Aimee Willmott encouraged by form.  Middlesbrough swimmer Aimee Willmott says her dream of winning an Olympic medal is "becoming more realistic"."

Lane 6 - Yahoo posts "Chad Le Clos embarrassed by breaststroke.  He's an Olympic gold medallist and considered one of the best swimmers in the world.  So why is South African Chad le Clos embarrassed?  "My breaststroke is really bad. It's embarrassing," le Clos says with a laugh.  "I mean some of the girls beat me."

Lane 7 - Speedo UK posts "Speedo Sculpture S114 New Swimwear Range."

Lane 8 - The Guardian posts "Heroes of swimming: George Freeth.  Anyone ever saved by a lifeguard owes an unspoken debt to this Hawaiian surfing pioneer, who popularised modern techniques of rescue and resuscitation."

Monday's Swim Report - Goggles, Kicking and Other Swim Bits

Lane 1 - Swimming World posts "International Swimming Hall of Fame Is Leaving Fort Lauderdale.  The International Swimming Hall of Fame, Inc., (ISHOF) announced today that upon the expiration of its current fifty-year agreement with the City of Fort Lauderdale, in February of 2015, it will not renew and will look for a new home in another city."

Lane 2 - posts "Swim Goggles Buying Guide.  Having a variety of choices is Kick-bloggreat, but a wide selection can also be overwhelming. To help you navigate the waters (pun intended!), I have listed a few things to keep in mind as you shop for your next pair of goggles. But first, a word on personal preference: above all, goggles are an individual preference. Whatever is right for you is right for you. Just like, whatever is right for me is right for me. Now, where it might get tricky is when whatever is right for me is wrong for you. So, trust yourself and your opinion."

Lane 3 - Speedo posts "Swim Fitness | Different types of swim kick.  There are different types of kicks that you can use whilst swimming, each with unique benefits, and here we will give a breakdown of each one. Getting your kick right is just as important as your stroke, the more efficient your stroke and kick, the more effective your swim will be."

Lane 4 - Runner's World posts "RW Half & Festival Features Record, Wedding Proposal.  The running-with-your-dog seminar was one of 13 on Friday and Saturday with Runner’s World editors and other experts. Olympic swimmer Summer Sanders led one of the most popular, on women’s running. (As is now the norm, the half-marathon had more women than men finishers.)"

Arena Viper Training Goggles - Suitable for Pool, Triathlon and Open Water

These stylish training goggles have been designed with a wide PC lens which provides perfect, undistorted underwater vision. With cutting-edge Liquid Silicone body and seal for ultimate comfort, fit and durability. Liquid Silicone also makes up the split strap which inturn includes 'ACS' side clip for easy adjustment whilst on the head. These goggles fit all face shapes and really are a perfect option for pool, open water and triathlon. What more could you want from a goggle?