Spin Baby Spin

After yesterday's swim I headed to the gym for the noon time Group Ride.  After the class it was time to run.  392fun
Just 3.92 miles.  It wasn't the greatest run but felt better then my last run on Wednesday.  I'm hoping to get another run in this weekend.  This month I've run 16.5 miles.  I was hoping to be at 20 miles by now.  But whatever.  I'm running for crosstraining not for any race right now. 

This morning it was swim time.  Quick workout.  Had a 8am appointment to get my hair cut so had to cut short my swim.

Warmed up 400 swim / 200 Kick (600)

500 Breathing every 3 (500/1100)

3x200's on 3 Descending and Negative Split (600/1700)

3x50's easy warm down (150/1850)

Okay so it was a pretty bad slim.  Too much wine and not enough sleep.  Good thing I had to get going out of workout early.  But at least I got a workout in.  Today at noon will be Group Power so strength training before the weekend.

Fighting The Voices In My Head Workouts

Yesterday after the 12pm Group Power Class I headed out for a short run.  Nothing too long.  Just a chance to be outside for a bit. 1214runI didn't really have a route planned so I sorta winged it.  Not always a good idea for running.  I ran over the street bridge and headed to the older section which I've never been before.  I wasn't really in the mood to run and felt like crap while running.  But I really need to cross train more with running. 

This morning it was back in the pool time...

I sooo took my time jumping in the pool today.  Talk about unmotivated.  My warm up was a lazy stroll down the pool for 400 yards then 3x100's kick (1 fly / 1 back /1 breast) (700 warmup)

Main Set:
4 Rounds -
100 Catch Up Freestyle on 1:40
3x50's Switches on 55 (Fly/Back, Back/Breast, Breast/Free)
150 on 2:30 (50 Breast, 50 Back, 50 Fly)

Why so much breaststroke?  I hate breaststroke!  I screwed up the intervals more then once.  During the 2nd round when the coach was talking to me.  Then the last round cuz' math is hard!  (1600/2300)  Towards the end I was really hating on breaststroke.  Kept thinking I should cheat during the damn horrible stroke.  The whole workout I was having negative thoughts.  Really wasn't a good workout for me this morning but I did fight the voices in my head and finished the set just the same.

Warmed down a 100 25 finger tip / 25 pull.  (100/2400)

So 2,400 yards for the morning.

A New Hope In Group Ride!

Today was an early day for not working out.  But work called and work was a fun day with new bikes! 383353_10150434764994737_629204736_8458453_367510982_nSo far so good.  The bikes are so smooth to ride!  I got on the bike a few times today and helped set people up on them. 391996_10150434779744737_629204736_8458507_808931242_n
Tomorrow I'll get a chance for a full class on them.  Can't wait.  It's like Christmas Morning and I'm a 4 year old waiting to unwrap the first gift. 378862_275971922454455_110868402298142_863435_42287150_nI did get to work out today with noon time Group Power.  That's Group Power for three days in a row.  Something I don't recommend for anyone ever to do!  I'm so sore!  But had a fun time. 

Saying Good Bye...

After swimming this morning it was GYM Time!  At noon is was Group Power.  Then I killed some time about 16 minutes on the Crossramp watching the last few minutes of Days of Our Lives.  Then 3:15 Group Ride to say good bye to the bikes! 467791084
We should of held one last class outside as the bikes waited to go buh bye! 390536_10150434219304737_629204736_8456943_844042610_n
Tommorow is a new day and new bikes!  Go New Bikes!

It's Too Damn Cold!

Wake me up in March!  39F and F as in Fucking Cold!  It's too cold to be swimming outside even in a heated pool.  I just couldn't hack it and gave up swimming today.

Warm Up
200 Swim / 200 Pull / 200 Kick / 4x50's Swim on Minute (800)

The workout was to be a 500/400/300/200/100 each getting faster by 100. 

So I did the 500 and was super slow.  Not a descend at all.  I came in on 6:55!  Left on the 8 minutes.  Then as I was swimming the 400 I realized I was just not in the mood.  That and I was struggling.  At the 300 mark I was at 4:05.  I called it quits.  (800/1600)  It's just too damn cold out!

At least I got some cross training in yesterday!  Hit the gym for the 12pm Group Power Class and got talked into staying for the 1:15 Group Kick Class.  My tee shirt was soaked after 2 hours of working out.  But yet I still went outside for a quick run.  2.28 miles. VillagerunBy the end of the run the cold front had arrived.  The last .28 miles it started to rain.  By the time I got back inside the gym it was raining pretty good.  It didn't last long but the temperature dropped radically.  I think by 20 degrees in just an hour. 

I don't think I'll be running today.  Actually can't decide what I want to do.  Group Ride (Spinning) or just do something else on my own?  Don't think I'm in the mood for Ride.  Need something less leg intensive.

Another Day Another Run

Well another day not being back in the pool.  Really don't know why I didn't swim this morning.  Just hit snooze more then once.  But alas I hit the 12pm Group Ride (Spinning) Class then refueld and hit the road for a 3.79 mile run. 455run
The half way point is after a steep climb.  Didn't know the area had any hills.  Gotta keep that in mind.  Maybe practice my hill running over there. Hills
Sometime next week I hope to do my annual Christmas Light Run in which I run at night to take in the various holidays lights around the neighborhood.  Maybe attempt to take a few pictures of the tackiness. 

Back On The Beat

I've been a bit under the weather battling fatigue the last few days.  Really tried to shake myself out of it the last two days at the gym.  No swimming just gym time.  Yesterday I hit the gym did some chest presses before going to Group Kick (Kickboxing) Class and finishing up with some pushups using the bosu ball. 

This morning after walking Doggie Ludwig or "Willy" I went right back to bed.  No swimming just 2 more hours of bedtime.  I dragged my ass out of bed and to the gym for the 12pm Group Power Class.  I was so hurting in that class.  Just tried my best by pushing myself.  After that I rested for a bit and was on the beat hitting the pavement for a short run.  It was a random run.  3.96 miles via Runkeeper.  Don't know why I didn't run just .04 miles but whatever. Monday_runkeep
I had planned only a 2 mile run but decided to take a detour.  As you can tell by the pin drop on the map I stopped a bit before the 3 mile mark for two reasons.  The first was that I was sorta lost.  I knew the loop was coming up at some point I just didn't know how far away it was.  I should map these runs out before hand.  Secondly it was warmer than I was expecting.  Didn't know it was going to be 80F outside.  The sun was getting to me as I was feeling over heated.  So I stopped to get my gps map up and cool off.  The next pause (pinpoint after mile 3) was me just trying to cross the street at an intersection.  RabjinI don't know whats this World-Rank.in thing is but I keep getting tweets about my runs via Runkeeper.  Oh well yet another website to motivate me to run.  Hopefully tomorrow I'll be motivated to be back in the pool. 

Swim, Power, Kick, Run and Swim Some More

Okay so maybe I did too much yesterday.  After swimming I felt really good yesterday so I hit the gym big time. Maybe too much as I felt it this morning.

Warm Up

Mixed 400 then 200 Kick (600)

Main Set

4x50's Backstroke (Drill/Swim) on 60 (200/800)

200 Back Swim (200/1000)

4x50's Backstroke on 1:10.  Faster then the 200 pace.  (200/1200)

4x50's Breaststroke on 1:15 (200/1400)

And that was it.  1,400 yard swim.  Good thing it was an easy workout as I didn't feel it.  Normally my bannana in the morning is enough to hold me but today my stomach was grumbling and my body was aching.  Oh well. 

Yesterday at the gym I took the noon time Group Power Class then stayed for the 1pm Group Kick.  Two days of Group Kick in a row is almost too much.  Then after that I went out for a  quick 2 mile run.  I felt all that leg work today while swimming.  Of course the wine from last night wasn't exactly a smart thing to do.  Nov28I think I'll let my body rest today.  I want to go spinning but I should listen to my legs and give them the day off. 

Bah Humbug! Yeah3X! Things Stuck In My Head For 300.

Yeah3X.  Got that song stuck in my head.  But the version from Group Kick (kickboxing.)  I guess that was a good thing as the radio at the pool blows big time.  I don't know how they do it but they find the worst holiday songs ever made and play them over and over and over again.  Really need to think about getting me one of those swim mp3 things. 

As for the swim here it is via emial:

1x500 loosen

1x200 kick with fins

3x100 with fins on 1:40 - swim, kick, pull, build

6x50 on :50 focus on distance per stroke

5x300 on 4:20 - descend the odds, pace the evens

6x50 on :50 with paddles and fins - go hard!

And how I swam it:

Broke up the 500 to 200 Swim / 100 Pull / 200 Pull w/Paddles (500)

The 200 kick was free with fins.  Nice and easy.  (200/700)

The 3x100's went okay.  Was feeling a bit sleepy but I blame it on the music I heard while kicking.  I swear they plaid some mix of some xmas tune mixed with the funeral march song. (300/1000)

6x50's went swimmingly.  Was trying to get my heart rate up.  (300/1300)

Now the fun part.  5x300's.  My first one I stretched it out and did a 3:50.  My second and fourth 300 I did a 3:45.  So I was able to keep at a moderate pace.  My third 300 I did a 3:40 while I picked it up and did a 3:30 for my last 300.  (1500/2800)

Caught my breath and started with the 6x50's.  I didn't use fins as I really don't kick.  I was coming in on the 30 for these.  (300/3100)

So 3,100 yards in about an hour.  Not to bad.  Now for breakfast and Group Kick at 11.  Yesterday I didn't swim but did Group Ride (Spinning.)

The Day Before The Day of Eating

Wahoo...National Pig Out Day!  Since I'll be eating and not swimming I had to push myself a bit harder then I normally would for an IM day.

Easy Day!  Well not so easy.  Today's workout forced me to push myself in my backstroke and IM.  I will admit sometimes I use backstroke as active recovery time.  But today I was pushing myself.

First was the warm up.  Mixed 500 then 200 Kick.

Main Set:
10x100's on 1:40.  I did odds reverse IM and evens backstroke. I pushed myself to get to 1:15's.  Mostly I missed but was under 1:20's.  My last two were 1:15's.  (1000/1700)

Then 8x50's Pull easy on 60. (400/2100)

Not too bad.

Yesterday after swim I headed to the gym.  At the gym took the 12pm Group Ride (spinning) Class.  Tough class today.  Don't know why but I felt so tired.  After class I rested and refueled then hit the pavement for a run. Nov224.67 mile loop.  This is the 2nd time I've done this loop.  This time it was a bit safer then last time.  Less dodging of folks in golf carts on the paths.  I guess the snowbirds have left for the holiday weekend. 

With no swimming for me tomorrow I'm going to try and go out for a run.  Today I'm just going to take Group Power and call it a day.