Monday's Swim Report - Kwik Sew Edition

Lane 1 -  TRX® And Pillars of Performance for Swimmiers via youtube

Lane 2 - From Gawker "Ohio Couple Sentenced To Standing in a Kiddie Pool.  Ohio residents Grace Nash, 20, and boyfriend Bruce Crawford, 22, were spotted last month rafting illegally on the flooded Grand River, which led to an hours-long search for the couple. Later, they lied to authorities and claimed not have been rafting at all. Their punishment was to stand in a kiddie pool and hand out water-safety brochures to visitors at the International Cuisine Festival in Painesville."

Lane 3 - I want to buy this and frame it!  From etsy "Vintage Kwik Sew Men's Il_570xN.125649875 Swim Trunks Pattern 651."

Lane 4 - Gizmodo posts "The Real Origin of the Bikini Wasn’t a Nuclear Explosion.  The origin of the bikini - It was in May 1946 when Louis Réard—a French car engineer who at the time was running his mom's lingerie shop in Paris—introduced two small pieces of clothing, advertising them as 'the smallest bathing suit in the world.' Simultaneously and unknowingly, fashion designer Jacques Heim was working on a similar design."

Lane 5 -  From "Free swim lessons in North Myrtle Beach.  The Grand Strand Masters Swim Team has partnered with the North Myrtle Beach Aquatic & Fitness Center to offer free swim lessons to non-swimming persons ages five and older as part of the U.S. Masters Swimming, Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.  The purpose of the program is to focus on drowning prevention and to emphasize the positive impact that swimming has on a person’s health. Participants will be introduced to basic swimming and water safety skills, including floating, treading water, and being comfortable in the water."

Lane 6 -  USA Swimming - Fran Crippen SafeSwim clinic on May 7 via youtube

Lane 7 - reports "All eyes on Adelaide for Thorpe's London Olympics bid.  THE London Olympics swimming trials will put Adelaide back in the global spotlight, experts say.  The comeback of Australia's greatest Olympian, Ian Thorpe will be the headline act at the trials, in the new $100 million State Aquatic Centre at Marion from March 15 to 22 next year.  Swimming Australia yesterday announced Adelaide had trumped Sydney and Brisbane to host the national titles for the next two years."

Lane 8 - Swimming World's Lane 9 reports "FINA Announces Two-Year Doping Suspension of Ksenia Atamanskaya of Kazakhstan.  FINA recently announced that Kazakhstan's Ksenia Atamanskaya has been suspended for two years after testing positive for Fenoterol.  Fenoterol is an asthmatic medication that is banned by FINA as a Class S3 Beta-2 Agonist. The medication is designed to open the pathways to the lungs."

Friday's Swim Report - Half Man / Half Super-Fish Edition

Lane 1 - Ian Thorpe, blah, blah, blah, Ian Thorpe, Ian Thorpe, Ian Thorpe! 

Lane 2 -  It's official Dara Torres has now endorsed every single product on the face of the earth!  From Business Wire "Olympian Dara Torres Reveals Sleep is Secret of Her SI_Logo Success.  Launches Twitter Campaign with Sleep Innovations to Offer and Request Tips For a Great Night’s Sleep.  Olympian, author, mother, human shill and role model Dara Torres today revealed the secrets of her success. Whether she’s training for the Olympics or juggling the duties of an active mom, “recovery” of the body and mind and a good night’s sleep are essential to her everyday routine. Torres and Sleep Innovations, a market leader in designing and manufacturing advanced foam sleep solutions, have partnered to inspire simple changes and share proven tips f Dara or winding down at the end of the day and making sleep a priority."  I do tease.  Dara actually has four endorsements all of which are for products she believes in.  And if she did endorse 1000+ products then more power to her and swimming.  Yesterday while preparring this post I tweeted the first line of this post and this morning Dara herself commented back.  Since she doesn't follow me I can't d.m. her back but I meant it in good fun as I do with all my tweets/posts.

Lane 3 - The Morning Swim Show has "James Goddard talks about his recent photo shoot for the UK Cosmopolitan magazine, preparing for this summer's world championships and the big decision he'll have to make regarding next year's Olympic Games."

Lane 4 -  The Independent reports "Olympics: Swim Ireland insist on 'A' standard only for London.  Irish swimming, like Irish athletics, will have a strict 'A'-standard-only policy for the London Olympics and will make absolutely no exceptions."

Lane 5 - reports "British Swimming awaits confirmation of Olympic Selection Policy from British Olympic Association.  British Swimming is waiting for the confirmation of their 2012 London Olympic Selection Criteria from the British Olympic Association (BOA).  British Swimming had sent their selection standard along with the British Athletics to the BOA, where the Athletics association got their confirmation a month ago, but British Swimming is still waiting for their approval."

Lane 6 -  The Flintshire Chronicle reports "Swimming: Tom Allen homes in on 2012 Olympic dream after success at European Championships.  OLYMPIC swimming hopeful Tom Allen is confident he will realise his dream of representing Great Britain at London 2012 after placing in the top 10 at the European Open Water Swimming Championships.  Eighteen-year-old Allen, from Hope, put in an strong display at the recent championships in Eilat, Israel, to finish 10th in the 10km race and book his place in July’s World Championships – an Olympic qualifying event – in Shanghai, China."

Lane  7  - Yeah.  I've posted about the 2011 Cleo Bachelor of the Year Eamon Sullivan but here is a video of the big event with Eamon via Nissan Australia.

Lane 8 -  Medical News Today reports "CDC Report: Swimmer's Ear Prevalent, Expensive, Painful.  According to the CDC, swimmer's ear results in 2.4 million doctor visits annually in the United States, each visit costing an average of $200, that's almost $500 million in U.S. health-care costs each year, according to a new government report. In 2007 for example, one out of 123 Americans sought medical treatment for swimmer's ear."

Thursday's Swim Report - Video Killed The...

Lane 1 -  Closing out on news from Charlotte comes Universal Sports with "Charlotte UltraSwim: Three takeaways…Drama in Camp Phelps…Bowman recently took a three-week vacation to Australia. He rarely takes time off…Franklin marches on…Splash and dash duel…A lot was made about the highly anticipated 50m freestyle showdown between Cullen Jones and Josh Schneider on the first night of the meet. It was a head-to-head swim-off to decide who would make the trip to the FINA Worlds this summer. Jones won the race, but two days later it was a different story."

Lane 2 -  US Masters' youtube has "Pull Buoy Testing - SWIMMER Magazine."  Back in the old days we used a donut around our ankles but today FINIS and Speedo have newer solutions.  As for the bouys...I just want that pink one!  Go Pink!  I gotta admit I'm all for the old school pull buoys!

Lane 3 -  The Windsor Star reports on "Phelps spas.  Many associations come to mind with the name Michael Phelps. Swimming athlete. Fourteen-time gold medal winner. International celebrity. Master Spas.  Master Spas?  Alongside this leading manufacturer, Phelps has helped create a series of luxury swim and fitness spas for the home. It's called the "Michael Phelps Signature Swim Spas" line and there are six different models ranging in size and design. Although the 19.5 foot MP Momentum was designed specifically to help Phelps train for his competitions, the product is not solely for athletes."

Lane 4 -  FINA's youtube page has "Myrtha Pools - Official FINA Partner."  Cuz' they are just not making enough money testing new swims suits to approve.

Lane 5 - reports "Ian Thorpe reaches Australia to train with James Magnussen, hopeful for the 2012 London Olympics…The five-time Olympic Freestyle Champion, Ian Thorpe returned to Australia on May 18 to train alongside Australian 100m Freestyle Champion, James Magnussen in Sydney.  Thorpe was recently training at his major training Ian_Thorpe-420x0 camp base, Switzerland under the guidance of the great Russian coach, Gennadi Touretski. Touretski, who flourished the careers of Alexander Popov and Michael Klim, has signed a contract with Thorpe to assist him in his dream of qualifying for the 2012 London Olympics."

Lane 6 -  The Sydney Morning Herald plays a bit of Before & After with "Thorpe won't let good times spoil his comeback.  HE'S shed 18 kilograms since his odyssey began eight months ago, he's happy - yet typically guarded - about how fast he is swimming, but above all, Ian Thorpe is satisfied with the progress of his comeback since making it public in February."  That Before picture cracks me up for some reason. 

Lane 7 -  Swimmer/Model/Actor/Reality Personality Jack Mackenroth's Demo Reel 2011 via youtube

Lane 8 -  This is about running but I'm so in!  From Runner's World "For This Race, Leave the Underwear at Home."

Wednesday's Swim Report - Thorpe's Biggest Loser Moment

Lane 1 - Sky News reports "Ian Thorpe down under and upbeat!  Ian Thorpe is satisfied with his progress but is not underestimating the challenges that still lie ahead in his comeback to swimming.  The 28-year-old, who is targeting a place on the team for next year's London Olympics, has arrived in Australia to touch base with head coach Leigh Nugent before returning to his Switzerland training base at the end of the week.  A fit-looking Thorpe addressed the media in Sydney on Wednesday and was not getting carried away when asked about his progress."

Lane 2 -  The book to end all cookbooks!  Pre-order Ian Thorpe's "Cook for Your Life" at fishpond.  About the book "Ian Thorpe has long been known for his incredible swimming 9781740669788-crop-325x325 achievements; less well-known is that he loves to cook. But Ian has learnt through years of competition that he can't just eat anything and achieve an elite level success, healthy eating is something that he has always had to keep in mind to perform at his peak. Now that he no longer swims competitively or trains for hours he has been able to apply all that he has learned to his diet and health. A lifetime love of cooking teamed with a refusal to give up the flavours of his favourite meals led Ian to develop a plan that allowed him to eat the delicious foods he loves and to maintain a healthy, lean, strong body. In his first cookbook, Ian shares the recipes that keep him trim and healthy. As well he shares his philosophy on diet gathered from nutritional experts over his years of elite sporting success. There will never be an excuse for eating pizza again."  For the US you can go to Amazon and be notified when/if it goes on sale here.

Lane 3 - Japan Today reports "Thorpe invited to swim in Tokyo in November.  The Japan Swimming Federation said Tuesday it has invited former Olympic champion Ian Thorpe to swim in a World Cup meet in Tokyo on Nov 12-13."

Lane 4 - The Australian Olympic Committee posts "Thorpedo circling.  Australian head IT2 coach Leigh Nugent describes Ian Thorpe as ‘a little bit like the circling shark’. Since announcing his return to swimming in February this year, Thorpe has been training abroad and the shadow of his Olympic records looms large."

Lane 5 -  From The Globe "Mighty Mouse of the pool auctioning off her champion past.  Elaine Tanner was a pipsqueak swimmer never more fleet than when cutting through the still waters of a pool. They called her Mighty Mouse.  She was still a teenager, a toothy 17-year-old, when she took with her to the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City the hopes of a nation…These days, she is doing fine, thanks for asking, feeling fit mentally and physically.  She has also made a decision. Canada’s greatest female swimmer is placing for auction her collection of memorabilia. It is a spring cleaning unlike any other."

Lane 6 -  The Swimmers Circle goes crazy in love with "Off the Deep End: Love Is In the Air; and In the Water, too!  It takes a special type of person to love a swimmer. You have to be an early riser, accept that mildew has become a part of your life, be unusually attracted to dry, brittle hair (often in an 'up-do' fashion for the ladies), and have an unnatural affinity for chlorine. You also have to accept that for about 6-8 weeks, during a swimmer’s peak training season, your significant other is probably going to be cranky most of the time."

Lane 7 - From London 2012 YouTube comes "London 2012 Olympic Torch Relay - 'Moment to Shine.'"

Lane 8 -  It's back!  The Kast-a-way blog is back with "Rob Butcher Interviews Patti Kast During USMS Spring National Coverage.'"  Wait…there is really a Kast in Kast-a-way?  I thought it was a made up name like Keifer, oh wait.

Friday's Swim Reports - Penguins Are Cute & Killer Swimmers Edition

1.  io9 asks "How do emperor penguins survive underwater long after their oxygen should be depleted? Emperor penguins are the undisputed champions of diving in the world of birds. They can travel more than 500 meters below the surface, and stay submerged for more than 20 minutes, even though by all accounts their oxygen should run out in just a fraction of that."

Ultraswim0513_G522N48US.1+ULTRASWIM0513_08.JPG.embedded.prod_affiliate.138 2. The Charlotte Observer reports "Jones outduels Schneider in a fierce swim-off. Charlotte resident tops young rival for final spot on U.S. team.  In a rare head-to-head showdown, Charlotte's Cullen Jones powered past one of swimming's hottest rising stars Thursday to clinch the final spot on the U.S. world championship team."

3.  3 Wire Sports posts "Aaron Peirsol, swim ambassador and waterman.  Now that he’s retired from competition, all of 27 years old, we can let you in on a little secret about Aaron Peirsol, the greatest backstroke swimmer the United States of America ever produced.  Now the sport has on call one of the greatest ambassadors you could ever ask for. And the man is totally willing.  His message: swimming is more than just up and down, back and forth, in a pool, looking down at that black stripe.  Swimming is about water, and our planet is water, and water is life itself."

4.  The Australian reports "Ian Thorpe eyes next Race of the Century with Michael Phelps.  It was all rather low-key, that is how Ian Thorpe likes it - but it was stunningly newsworthy all the same.  He does not want fanfare or fame, he just wants to swim faster than the rest of the world again.  And in a small tent in a public park overnight in Hackney, East London, that is how he introduced the story of The Comeback, the five Olympic gold-medal reputation put on the line again, possibly the best story of London 2012."

5.  ABC News reports "Thorpe reveals Olympic struggles.  Australia swimming great Ian Thorpe has tried to calm speculation he could challenge Michael Phelps' supremacy at next year's London Olympics, saying he is currently 'not very close to where I was before'".

6.  Since someone asked me about this topic the other day I find it fitting to post The FINIS Blog post about "A Quick Start Guide to Resistance Training.  Resistance training StatnryCords-AnkleStrap-Usage1-OW-HR-474x300 gives a swimmer the unique ability to focus specifically on producing power during their training. When used correctly resistance cords and swim parachutes produce a swimming specific workout very similar to weight training. Let’s discuss the cord products produced by FINIS and each of their specific purposes in training."

7.  Athletic Business Newswire reports "Time Running Out to Host World's Largest Swimming Lesson.  Aquatic facility operators still have a few days left to register to become a host site for the second annual World's Largest Swimming Lesson™. The free event, scheduled for 11 a.m. (EST) on Tuesday, June 14, encourages children and adults to learn a lifelong skill and help prevent drowning while setting a new Guinness World Record."

8.  BBC reports "Big Splash launches in London.  The Big Splash was officially launched at the House of Commons on Thursday, where five-time Olympic gold medallist Ian Thorpe and Sport Minister Hugh Robertson honoured members of the public as British Swimming's Big Splash heroes.  The BBC is working with the national governing body, British Swimming, to launch the Big Splash - a project designed to inspire the UK to swim in the build-up to the 2012 Olympics."

9.  Idaho Mountain Express reports "Fundraiser to benefit swim program.  Zenergy fitness center in Ketchum will host an open-house fundraiser to benefit the AquAbility program May 14-15…Zenergy masters swim coach Karen Morrison is the founder and coach of the AquAbility program, a nonprofit organization that provides therapeutic recreation through swimming for people with a variety of physical challenges."

10.  Freshome posts "Creative Ways to Green your Swimming Pool this Season."  The story is interesting just for the pictures and to links to past stories on Endless Swimming Pools14 Indoor Pools for a Delightful Swimming Experience and Swimming on a Rainy Day Made Possible with Telescopic Pool Enclosures among other stories.

Tuesday's Swim Report - Hair Raising, errr, Pulling Edition

1.  From Athletic Business "Charges Pending for Coach Who Pulled Swimmer by the Hair The Placer County (Calif.) District Attorney's office is determining whether Geoff Capell, an assistant swimming coach at Roseville High School, should be charged with misdemeanor battery after grabbing a female swimmer's hair. The incident happened late last month, when Capell attempted to pull team captain Jennifer McCarroll out of the pool following a race during the Sierra Foothill League Swimming Championships, in which Roseville placed fifth out of six teams. Witnesses told local media that they thought Capell was furious at McCarroll and another swimmer for an "intentional disqualification" because the team was not in a position to win the meet."

2.  Adelaide Now reports "Sydney officials makes wave over new Marion swimming centre.  SYDNEY swimming officials have dismissed Adelaide's bid to host next year's London Olympic trials ahead of a decision by the sport's national body next week.  Armed with a new $100 million aquatic centre, Swimming SA and Events SA have submitted a joint bid to host the 2012 national titles which will feature superstars Ian Thorpe and Stephanie Rice.  The centre has earned glowing praise from Olympians Michael Klim, Sophie Edington and Hayden Stoeckel since opening last month."

3.  Swimming World reports "SwimmingWorld.TV Presents Fran Crippen SafeSwim.  FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida, May 9. OLYMPIANS, legendary coaches, national team members and hundreds of swimmers from around the nation participated in the inaugural Fran Crippen SafeSwim on Fort Lauderdale Beach Saturday morning."

4.  ESPN via Youtube "Aaron Peirsol Remembers Fran Crippen.  Olympic medalist Aaron Peirsol talks to Bonnie D. Ford about Fran Crippen and what the sport needs to do to keep swimmers safe."

5.  The Tribune posts "Swift masters bring seven medals home.  FOR the past five years, Swift swimming club has had its masters swimmers attend and win medals at either the US Masters National Swimming Championships or the World Masters Swimming Championships.  This past week once again saw Swift's masters win seven medals at the 2011 US Short Course Spring National Masters Swimming Championships."

6.  From the Washington Post "Austrian Olympic swimmer rescued after being buried in sand on Pompano Beach.  A member of the Austrian Olympic swim team had to be rescued after he used a bucket to dig a large hole that collapsed and trapped him, authorities said.  It took 60 rescuers two hours to free Jakub Maly, 19, who had spent a few hours Sunday digging the hole that was 7 feet deep and 6 feet wide. It’s not clear why he jumped in after he finished digging. Rescue officials asked a teammate to lean over the hole and talk to Maly during the rescue, according to fire rescue officials." CBS News has a video news piece.

7.  Swimming World reports "USA Men's Water Polo Announces Summer Roster.  THE USA Men's Senior National has announced their roster for the upcoming FINA World League Prelims set for this weekend at Costa Mesa High School in Costa Mesa, California. The team will host Canada on Friday, May 13 at 7pm and then again on Sunday, May 15 at 12pm to determine seeding for the upcoming FINA World League Super Final scheduled for this June in Italy. This is the first competition in a busy summer for Head Coach Terry Schroeder and Team USA that will see the FINA World League Super Final, FINA World Championships and later this year, the Pan American Games."  No news if they'll be doing any nude any water photography shoots like the Women's Water Polo Team.

GI_126912_backstroke 8.  From PR WEB "Endless Pool® Elite Exhibited at 2011 Charlotte Ultraswim®
New Endless Pool Elite stroke training system to be exhibited outside the Charlotte Ultraswim Athlete Zone. The compact 9' x 16' pool or flume, generates a smooth, adjustable speed swim current keeping the swimmer in place. The Elite is Endless Pools' latest swimming machine designed specifically for stroke analysis and instant coaching feedback."

9.  Second Act posts "Swimming 'In Synch' to Stay Healthy.  Like many swim instructors, Susan Oliver oversees a kids' swim team and teaches aquatics classes. But she especially enjoys leading "In Synch," a synchronized swim team based in Hudson, Ohio whose members range from 52 to 82 and include cancer survivors and swimmers grappling with heart problems."

10.  NBC 2 reports "Dream now a reality for 13-year-old cancer patient.  Nine months into cancer treatment, a dedicated group turned a 13-year-old boy's dream into a reality. The Fort Myers boy battling lymphoma finally got his own backyard swimming pool.  Judging by the smile on Travis Tate's face, you would have thought it was his birthday party Monday. And in a way, it was. He did turn 13 just recently."

Friday's Swim Report - Get Brunk'd

1.  From SciFi website io9 "Why does pool water turn your hair green? The Statue of Liberty holds the answer.People believe that it's the chlorine in a pool that turns hair green. That's not true. Fair hair turns green in a pool for the same reason the Statue of Liberty turns green: copper."

2.  From BigPondSport "OIly champ Sullivan strips for fashion.  Olympic gold medalist Eamon Skynews_847360838_315x236 Sullivan has stripped down to display Davenport's latest season range of underwear.  The swimming champion took to the runway in Sydney on Thursday night to launch the brand's Get Brunk'd line in front of a crowd of onlookers as part of Sydney Fashion Week."

3.  SwimNews reports "Thorpe Confident Of Challenging Phelps.  Ian Thorpe's progress on the comeback trail has been good enough for the Australian to talk in terms of 'beating Michael Phelps' should the American defend his Olympic crown at London 2012, according to British sprinter Mark Foster (GBR)."

4.  action3news posts "Omaha To Host 2012 U.S. Masters Swimming Nationals.  U.S. Masters Swimming (USMS), the national governing body for adult competitive and fitness swimming, will host its 2012 Summer Nationals in Omaha. The USMS Summer Nationals will follow the USA Swimming Olympic Trials that are scheduled for June 25 through July 2, 2012. The national championship meet will be contested in the same competition pool as the USA Swimming Olympic Trials. The four-day Masters event will begin on Thursday, July 5 and conclude on Sunday, July 9, 2012."

5.  From YouTube "Everyone Active Basildon Sporting Village.  Everyone Active Basildon Sporting Village opened to the public on Saturday 30th April 2011. Many thanks to Mark Foster, Duncan Goodhew, Jo Jackson, Reiss Beckford, Danny Lawrence, Max Whitlock, Britain's Got Talent winners 'Spelbound' and all our other olympians, athletes and special guests."

Iznihi 6.  Dara Torres tweets from a Bengay photo shoot.

7.  From ESPN w/ video "Michael Phelps Q&A: The road ahead.  Fourteen-time Olympic swimming gold medalist Michael Phelps is gearing up for the World Championships in Shanghai in July, obviously an important meet in and of itself and also a critical gauge of his form on the way to what would be his fourth Summer Games next year. He'll race in two more Grand Prix events in the United States this spring -- Charlotte later this month, and Santa Clara, Calif., in mid-June -- with a block of altitude training in between, and compete in a meet in Montreal as final preparation for worlds."

8.  The Morning Swim Show features "SIPHIWE Baleka was one of the more interesting stories to come out of the recent US Masters Swimming national championships, and on today's edition of The Morning Swim Show, he talks about his return to competition after 18 years away."

 9.  More on Eamon's nuts.  AdNews reports "Eamon Sullivan nuts up for macadamias.  The Australian Macadamia Society has signed up swimmer Eamon Sullivan as a brand ambassador to promote the macadamia nut industry. The industry group will develop a consumer-facing website to be unveiled later this year."

10.  From Marketwire "Gold Medalist Mark Spitz Confirmed as the 2011 National Safe Boating Council Spokesperson.  Nine-Time Gold Medal Winner Speaks Out About Boating Safety."


Thursday's Swim Report - Fully Thorped'

1.  From The Register-Guard "Bouncing back…Eugene man credits his lifelong dedication to fitness for his quick recovery from open heart surgery.  Not everyone can walk the day after heart surgery or restart a swimming and running regimen about three weeks later.  But Steve Johnson isn’t the average athlete…The former director of the UO survey research laboratory has coached swimming off and on for 40 years. He has been the volunteer swim coach for the past 10 years at Willamette High School and is president and a founder of the Emerald Aquatics, a swim team for youths and adults."

2.  From the Marin Independent Journal "Mud Sharks show well at U.S. Masters short course championships.  The Rolling Hills' Mud Sharks, a masters-level swim club that trains in Novato, finished in 17th place out of 107 men's teams in the local club division of the U.S. masters swimming short course national championships last Sunday."

3.  The Jamestown Sun reports "Smith has strong showing in Arizona…Ben Smith will soon be coaching the Blue Jay boys’ and girls’ swimming and diving teams, so the first-year head coach is getting in a little competition of his own before the fall season rolls around.  Smith, who recently was announced as the swimming and diving coach, swam alongside some of the nation’s best at the United States Masters Swimming Spring National Championships in Mesa, Ariz., where he finished in the top 10 in four individual events."

4.  The Telegraph reports "London 2012 Olympics diary: Ian Thorpe's manager denies plastic Thorpe1 surgery rumors…Commentators noticed his slim look and different jaw profile as cameras flashed on him as a guest of the Royal Wedding."

5.  The London Evening Standard posts "Ian Thorpe profits after taking a pounding…Ian Thorpe is finally tipping the scales at under 100kg as the five-time Olympic champion looks to return to swimming and compete at London 2012.  The Australian's weight ballooned after retiring in 2006 but punishing altitude training in Switzerland appears to have paid off."

6.  The Courier Mail posts "Ian Thorpie cranking up the heat in London Olympics bid.  THE remodelled iThorpe2 is as quick as the original version.  Not even his usually poker-faced coach could contain his enthusiasm over the comeback of Ian Thorpe who is hitting the same speeds he recorded before his retirement.  Six months into his plan to win selection for next year's Olympics, the champion swimmer is beginning to see some rousing feedback from his training program.  Not only has he shed much of the weight he gained during his four-year hiatus but his training benchmarks have surprised his coach Gennadi Touretski."

7.  From the Brisbane Times "Beefed-up Thorpe off to a flyer, says coach.  RUSSIAN coach Gennadi Touretski believes Ian Thorpe can be as good at sprinting as he once was in the middle-distances events he dominated, although a decision on whether he targets the 100 or 200 metres for the London Olympics won't be made for six months."

8.  The Straight Furrow reports "Next stop Thorpe as Lauterstein moves on.  IN A move 1225730 he hopes will reignite his career in time for the London Games, Olympic medallist Andrew Lauterstein has quit Sydney's "Super Squad", returned home to Melbourne to train, and will spend a month working with Ian Thorpe in Switzerland.  Having been through a turbulent 2010 where he was plagued with health issues, Lauterstein had hoped he was back to his best for the world championship trials last month in Sydney but in the biggest shock of the eight-day event, he failed to qualify for the final of the 100 metres butterfly, and subsequently missed the team."

9.  CBS Baltimore reports "Phelps primed for rousing finish before retirement…At an age when most people are just settling into the work force, Michael Phelps is thinking about retirement.  The 14-time Olympic gold medalist still has a few important events to train for, most notably the world championships in July and, of course, the 2012 Olympic Games in London."

10.  I've had a love for Arena that goes back to my age group years.  And now from AB&MN "Arena gears up its American business by re-establishing its own US-based business unit.  n a signal of its growing commitment to the American watersports market, Arena, one of the world’s leading swimwear brands, has announced its fully-fledged re-entry into the USA through the establishment of a wholly-owned business unit, Arena North America LLC."

Sunday's Swim Report - The 2011 Feline Open Water Swim Edition

1.  The Herald Sun reports w/video "Ian Thorpe flies Aussie flag among royal wedding attendees…SWIMMING star Ian Thorpe flew the Aussie flag at the royal wedding, rubbing shoulders with the world's A-listers last night."

2.  Need even more of your Thorpe Fix?  Youtube has more of Ian at the wedding when someone filmed the tv coverage of his arrival.

3.  Swimming World reports "United States Masters Swimming Short Course Nationals: National Record Books Torched -- MESA, Arizona, April 29. THE United States Masters Swimming national record books took a serious hit during the second day of competition at the U.S. Masters Swimming Short Course Nationals held in Mesa."

4.  Found this via twitter on You Tube from someone attending US Masters "Kino Aquatic Center View from the Deck."

5.  From Swimming World "United States Masters Swimming Short Course Nationals: Several More Records Fall -- MESA, Arizona, April 30. THE United States Masters Swimming record books had a few more updates during the third day of swimming at the U.S. Masters Swimming Short Course Nationals held in Mesa."

6.  From US Masters via youtube "2011 U.S. Masters Swimming Spring Nationals Day 3."

7. From the Santa Cruz Sentinel "Tallman, Wilson earn podium finishes at US Masters Swimming Spring National Championships…Santa Cruz Masters Aquatics swimmers Karl Tallman and Kurt Wilson reached the podium on the second day of the U.S. Masters Swimming Spring National Championships in Tucson, Ariz., on Friday."

8.  From News-Press "Olympian starts rehab at FGCU…Lined up alongside recreational Bilde swimmers ages 26 to 62 from around South Florida, 12-time Olympic medalist Dara Torres looked just slightly out of place at the Gulf Coast Swim Team's Masters Meet at the FGCU pool in San Carlos Saturday.  The 6-foot Torres, still ripped at the advanced competitive swimming age of 44, splashed water on herself prior to the start of the 50-meter freestyle - her one and only event - and she adjusted her cap before taking her place on the block in lane four."

9.  Now this is a news shocker from NDTV "Barcelona to fine bikini-wearers on the streets…Tourists in Barcelona who wander off the beach onto the streets in just their swimming costumes -- or even less -- will now face stiff fines."

10.  From MouseBreath "Feline Michael Phelps Dog Paddles to Governor’s Island…A castaway cat used one of her lives to swim safely to shore on Governors Island (NYC) last weekend.  The feline floater, her fur matted and caked with seaweed, was discovered Sunday night by security guards on the remote island’s north shore, a spokeswoman said."

Saturday's Swim Report - Ants In Your Pants, errr, Speedo Edition

1. US Masters Swimming tweets some record breaking swims "Rowdy Gaines (52) blazes a 21.36 in the 50 Free…Men's 100 Breast was #Fast! Ed Moses (30) 53.44, Jeff Commings (37) 55.12, Robert Strand (65) 1:07.71 all USMS National age group records…More USMS National Records in Men's 200 Back! Nelson Silva, Chris Stevenson, Tom Barton and Bob Miller! Miller is 81 went 3:03.89, Amazing…Patricia Murphy (60) swims 29.82 in the 50 fly for a NEW USMS Natinoals Record…Congrats Mathew O'Brien and Josh Davis for Breaking USMS National Records in the 50 Fly (22.09 & 22.26!)…Even without the suits, records are going down. Congrats to Carolyn Boak, Charlotte Davis & Lawrence Day in the 400IM!"

6a00d8341c6c5753ef0148c786a186970c-500wi 2.  From USA Today "USA Swimming partners with child protection firm.  USA Swimming is working with a company that specializes in child protection to produce and distribute educational material about athlete protection to its 300,000 members.  The national governing body has partnered with Praesidium and will offer the education program free to athletes and their parents.  The education program is required for USA Swimming's 30,000 non-athlete members, including coaches and officials."

3.  Michael Phelps via Facebook released "5 new photos to the album Shooting with 505 Phelps_505_2 Games video game comes out in June!"

4.  The Capital reports "Pasadena swimmer sets mark…Nancy Brown of Pasadena set a United States Masters Swimming and FINA world record in the women's 75-79 100-yard backstroke at the Albatross Open in Bethesda recently."

5.  Old news sorta new again.  WBAL 11 reports "Phelps Promotes New Swimming Video Game.  Game Is Controller-Free…The swimmer stopped by the Baltimore Hilton on Thursday to offer a sneak peak of the game called 'Michael Phelps: Push The Limit.'  The game will hit stores in June."

6.  BREAKING HEADLINE HUMOR from SCAQ Blog "Thorpedo arrives at Abbey."  But sorry folks it was only Westminster Abbey and not the WeHo Abbey!

7.  From Gatorzone "Thirty-Three Gator Swimmers and Divers Named to 2010-11 SEC Winter Academic Honor Roll…The University of Florida swimming and diving program 6a00d8341c6c5753ef0148c824d37b970c-320wi placed 33 student-athletes on the 2010-11 Southeastern Conference Winter Academic Honor Roll, announced Thursday by SEC Commissioner Mike Slive. The UF men’s program placed a league-high 19 swimmers and divers on the list, while the Gator women had 14 athletes selected. In all, a total of 395 student-athletes were named to the roll, including 44 from UF, tied for the second-most selections in the conference."

8.  io9 reports "How masses of swimming fire ants capture oxygen bubbles to stay afloat…How masses of swimming fire ants capture oxygen bubbles to stay afloat One ant sinks in water, but a bunch of them? It turns out they can link together and become an unsinkable life raft. New research shows that when fire-ants are dropped in water, they quickly form a pancake-shaped floating mass, which traps air beneath them."

9.  From Go Swim "All Strokes - Math. In a world where we calculate most things (like money) on a 100-based scale, athletics brings the need for a new type of math, the 60-based scale."  Anyone who has swum with me knows some days my math skills are not so great.  Okay my math skills are horrible!

Mascots-at-tower-bridge 10.  London 2012 Posts "Photos of the week: London 2012 mascots visit Tower Bridge."  Okay with the Beef Eater hats on they look less like walking sperm.

BONUS - Wahoo!  Joystiq reports "Mario and Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games headed to Wii and 3DS."  As someone who owns the Bejing and Vancouver editions I can't wait to play the London version.  The games aren't realistic but lots of fun.  I still always seem to come in last during the swimming events!